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Jamie Foxx Confirmed as Electro in 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'; Character Details Revealed

This villainous character is an electrician that gets the short end of the stick in director Marc Webb's superhero sequel.
Jamie Foxx confirmed as Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Jamie Foxx confirmed as Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Earlier today, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 director Marc Webb confirmed that Dane DeHaan is portraying Harry Osborn in the superhero sequel. Sony Pictures has issued a press release that also confirms Jamie Foxx has joined the cast as the villainous Electro. Jamie Foxx also revealed a few tidbits about the character in an interview, which you can check out below, along with the official press release.

"Electro is a great character. I met with the director, Marc Webb, I met with Andrew Garfield, and we talked. I think Electro will be an exciting character to play because he's a genius electrician-type person, and he gets the short end of the stick from the whole world, and the next thing you know he turns it on."

Dane DeHaan will join the cast of the next installment of The Amazing Spider-Man alongside Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx and Shailene Woodley as Columbia Pictures prepares to begin production on the next chapter of the blockbuster franchise, it was announced today by Doug Belgrad, president of Columbia Pictures, and Hannah Minghella, president of production for the studio.

The screenplay is by Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci and Jeff Pinkner based on a previous draft by James Vanderbilt. The film will be directed by Marc Webb and produced by Avi Arad and Matthew Tolmach.

The casting of DeHaan as Harry Osborn was confirmed this morning in a tweet by Webb (@MarcW) who wrote "Meet Harry Osborn. So excited to have him on board. @danedehaan."

Here's what Marc Webb had to say about the casting.

"Dane is an exciting and extraordinary young actor and he is a fantastic addition to our cast."

The new film in the Spider-Man saga is set for release in 3D on May 2, 2014. Production will begin in early 2013 in New York.

Webb, Garfield, and Stone previously teamed on this summer's blockbuster The Amazing Spider-Man, which has taken in more than $751 million worldwide.

DeHaan caught moviegoers' attention with his performances in four 2012 releases: Steven Spielberg's Lincoln, opposite Daniel Day-Lewis and Lukas Haas; John Hillcoat's Lawless, alongside Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy, and Jason Clarke; Bradley Rust Gray's Jack and Diane, with Juno Temple and Riley Keough; and one of the year's biggest sleeper hits, the adventure thriller Chronicle, directed by Josh Trank. He began his film career with director John Sayles and actor Chris Cooper in Amigo.

DeHaan next stars in The Place Beyond the Pines alongside Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling. In addition he will star in Atom Egoyan's Devil's Knot, with Reese Witherspoon and Colin Firth, about the fate of the West Memphis Three; and John Krokidas' Kill Your Darlings, with Jack Huston, Daniel Radcliffe, Ben Foster, and Kyra Sedgwick, set in 1944 amidst the Beat Generation.

Mr. DeHaan first came to industry attention with his portrayal of Jesse in the third season of the critically applauded drama series In Treatment, starring alongside Gabriel Byrne. This was followed by a guest arc in the fourth season of the popular horror series True Blood.

In 2010, he received an Obie Award for his performance in Annie Baker's The Aliens, directed by Sam Gold. The Rattlestick Theater production was cited as "Play of the Year" by The New York Times. Mr. DeHaan made his Broadway debut in with American Buffalo, Robert Falls' 2008 staging of the classic David Mamet play.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was released May 2nd, 2014 and stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Dane DeHaan, Colm Feore, Felicity Jones, Paul Giamatti, Sally Field. The film is directed by Marc Webb.

Sources: Sony Pictures, Entertainment Tonight

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Comments (262)

  1. Dan

    Oh oh, before I forget to say it... To the people who thought TASM was better than Avengers, all I can say is Bahahahahahahaha!!! What a funny joke.

    2 years agoby @dan1Flag

  2. Nicholaus XX

    @ejk1 -- A clear face was shown, clear enough, at least. Based on how the scene was set, the fan speculation, and the given villain, that seems like enough evidence. It doesn't matter. A continuity error is a continuity error.

    2 years agoby @XxNickTheFilmCriticXxFlag

  3. CUPID

    Good luck.

    2 years agoby @cupidFlag

  4. ejk1

    @XxNickTheFilmCriticXx No clear shot of the face, no name. That could have been Osborne. As far as continuity, I refer to Batman/Batman Returns in regards to the character of Harvey Dent. I could name other instances as well.

    2 years agoby @ejk1Flag

  5. Nicholaus XX

    @ejk1 -- He still didn't look like any teenager I know. But, yeah. The script needs mending.

    2 years agoby @XxNickTheFilmCriticXxFlag

  6. Monkeyiron 2.0

    I so hope Electro looks like the spectacular version

    2 years agoby @monkeyiron2-0Flag

  7. Nicholaus XX

    @ejk1 -- I was wrong, in one context, and I admitted it. Get over it, man. Yes, there was. You could see the guy's face, what are you talking about? It was speculated that it was Electro, and le and behold, Electro is the lead villain. Coincidence? I think not.

    2 years agoby @XxNickTheFilmCriticXxFlag

  8. ejk1

    @XxNickTheFilmCriticXx Oh, and as for Tobey, it's more forgivable because he was in high school for the first half hour before moving to a college setting. Then in Spider-Man 2, two years went by. In short, they aged him during the trilogy to make it look more reality based. If they keep Garfield in high school, they will be making a huge mistake.

    2 years agoby @ejk1Flag

  9. ejk1

    @XxNickTheFilmCriticXx No, it's because you're wrong. And again, no continuity error. No facial recognition was made, no no name thrown out, just mere speculation by some. You have no concrete proof. Unless Webb and co. state it outright, you cannot say for certain that it was Electro.

    2 years agoby @ejk1Flag

  10. Nicholaus XX

    @ejk1 -- I don't know about that, Tobey sure as hell didn't look like a teenager either, and no one had an issue with that. Both miscasts, when it comes to age, in my book.

    2 years agoby @XxNickTheFilmCriticXxFlag

  11. Nicholaus XX

    @ejk1 -- Well, that's probably because I'm not trying to. There's that. You're the one ignoring continuity error, as you could almost clearly see and hear the guy, and it sure as hell wasn't Jamie Foxx. Google the scene, if your memory is really that blurry.

    2 years agoby @XxNickTheFilmCriticXxFlag

  12. Dan

    @narrator It could just be that Raimi's/Maguire's interpretation is how I see the character in his true form, cinematically. It's not easy for me to abolish what's already been established in 3 movies not 5 years ago. And I also like Maguire's sincerity versus Garfield's 'just go to sleep!'... what?

    2 years agoby @dan1Flag

  13. ejk1

    @narrator Garfield was a miscast (an appropriate use of the word). He is and looks too old to play a high schooler. And I of the belief that this truth is a big reason why his delivery was off. He's too old to be believed in the role he was playing.

    2 years agoby @ejk1Flag

  14. the Narrator

    While I usually acknowledge or agree with your opinions, @youngrizo, I feel you couldn't be more mistaken in this particular case. As a guy who supported the improvised smart-ass remarks from Garfield earlier on, when only a minute or two of footage was released, I was admittedly excited. I thought we'd finally see the right balance of humor and sensitivity in our favorite wall-crawler. Unfortunately, what we got was a c*cky and annoying character, as Garfield (who is still a talented cat, regardless) mistook arrogance and haughtiness for rhetoric delivery. Deadpan comments, witty remarks, those are all great. But his DELIVERY of said lines really screwed the pooch, not to mention his attitude towards the police and his family. Totally not Spidey!

    Macguire's portrayal was far closer to the Earth-616 comics than Garfield's was, web-shooters be damned. Even kids who sat by me in the theater thought the dude came off as a douche too often, and that's a sure fire sign that something is wrong. Seeing as how the majority of critics on RT commented on his poor attitude, whether they loved the film or hated it, shows that it's something that needs to be fixed in the sequel.

    So, yeah, @dan1. You probably like the character, just not this particular portrayal of it. For all of Tobey's faults (emo-Peter, moping around, weird train-stopping face), I enjoyed his genuine clumsiness, his nice guy attitude, and the fact that he wasn't some attractive pretty boy that was smart, artistic, and athletically capable BEFORE being bitten.

    2 years agoby @narratorFlag

  15. Dan

    @narrator Yes. I mean, some shots were really nice (final battle with Lizard, and the money shots of his web swinging at the very end), but that was another aspect that bored me. TASM just screamed forgettable to me.

    2 years agoby @dan1Flag

  16. the Narrator

    Agreed @dan1 and @skywise; there was just something not quite endearing with Peter's aunt and uncle this time around, though I still love seeing Martin Sheen in the film due to just liking the dude in general.

    On a side note, does anyone want the sequel to have a different cinematographer? They have better writers on board and a larger cast. Why not a different look for the film, preferably one that doesn't make the film feel gimmicky. The RED cameras they used were good for exterior day-time shoots, what little there were of those scenes, and understandably helped with their numerous nighttime shots, but all in all the film felt cheap. I always preach about how the cinematographer is responsible for crafting our view into the world, and I just felt like Schwartzman phoned it in. I'd love to see Webb shoot using actual film, and a guy who isn't afraid to play in the shadows a bit. Low-key light Electro, do slow motion pans in action scenes, you know: get creative!

    2 years agoby @narratorFlag

  17. Dan

    @youngrizo You know, I may just not be a fan of the character, then. I don't really care for Deadpool, either. I guess I'm turned off a little by that personality.

    @skywise Don't really know a lot of the actors they've hired for season 3, but I am grateful to see the Reeds and Queen of Thorns joining the story (some of my favorite characters).

    @ejk1 I would get onboard with a Daredevil movie you approved of, since you know the character best.

    Thanks everyone else who read my quick review :P

    2 years agoby @dan1Flag

  18. ejk1

    @XxNickTheFilmCriticXx At what again? I was just pointing out how you couldn't argue out of your mistake. And guess what? You still can't.

    @dan1 Daredevil should be dark as well. So should some instances of X-Men.

    2 years agoby @ejk1Flag

  19. Jr27

    @xenon56 YESS! BRING KINGPIN

    2 years agoby @jr27Flag

  20. Jr27

    @Reno-Rozay its to be said venom will get his own movie and its a reboot its best to show more bad guys look at nolan and the batman series introduced scarecrow and Rai's Al Gu im sure some will return but new bad guys is better

    2 years agoby @jr27Flag

  21. Nicholaus XX

    @Reno-Rozay -- Darker? Did we watch the same movie?

    2 years agoby @XxNickTheFilmCriticXxFlag

  22. Corey W.

    @Reno-Rozay I loved Spiderman 2. The first Spidey out of that trilogy was good, but I much prefer the reboot. We'll see if I can compare AEM2 to Raimi's Spiderman 2. Those are big shoes to fill, considering how loved Spidey 2 is in the geek universe.

    2 years agoby @coreyFlag

  23. Corey W.

    @redcameraman i'm sure J. Jonah will be brought into the movie once Parker graduates and works for the Bugle.

    2 years agoby @coreyFlag

  24. Reno Rozay

    i hated sam raimi's spiderman movies every movie mj gets kidnapped thats when you knew the ending was coming lol spiderman 3 was trash i hated what they did wit venom marc web did a great job andrew is a much better peter parker i loved the amazing spiderman it was much darker the only beef i got with the amazing spiderman 2 is that i wish they was doing venom in not electro

    2 years agoby @Reno-RozayFlag

  25. T. King (Red Camera Man)

    @dan1: Well said, man. The biggest thing I missed the most in the new film was the awesome opening credits that was played at the beginning of each of the original 3 movies, with Danny Elfman's awesome theme music being played during each of those intros (even most of Christopher Young's in the 3rd). Raimi's movies are way more fun, entertaining, and funnier to me as well (you gotta love J. Jonah Jameson). :-)

    2 years agoby @redcameramanFlag

  26. Xenon

    Wilson Fisk should be in this setting him up for future films and a mediator for both Spidy and DD. Both of these superheroes deal with the guy especially a few others.

    2 years agoby @xenon56Flag

  27. Xenon

    As of Fox - no way -no how.
    Yes he is talented in his own way however he's not right for the part.

    2 years agoby @xenon56Flag

  28. Xenon

    Having seen TAMS twice, I can say that Raimi's version is by far the better. The only fault that film had was it had MJ instead of Gwen.

    I found there was too many mistakes in the newer version and Webb needs to leave. At least he tried and in my eye failed, I would like to see Jon Favreau take over for a single film.

    2 years agoby @xenon56Flag

  29. Youngrizo

    I'm sorry but anyone who hates Garfield's Peter Parker being the c*cky talkative bordering on douchebag vigilante at his inception, is clearly not a fan of Spiderman as that is the truest portrayal of him that's been done thus far.

    2 years agoby @youngrizoFlag

  30. TheDude1

    Literally everyday this sequel gets worse.

    2 years agoby @thedude1Flag

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