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  • Easily Share Anything at!

    Posted by The MovieWeb Team on May 28th, 2011

    A whole new way to share pages here at MovieWeb has just arrived.

    We've been working hard putting together an all-new sharing feature when you want to send News Stories, Movies, DVDs, Blu-rays, TV Shows, Reviews, Games and anything else you can think of here at MovieWeb.

    What's new?

    We've made sharing a cinch, whether you like to send links via email, post to your Facebook page, or Tweet them at Twitter.

    Easily import your contacts from a variety of email services! Check off who you want to send the link to and press SEND EMAILS. Your friends, family and co-workers will receive a notification within seconds.

    So how do I share things?

    Easy! Just click the SHARE button located in the right hand column of any page.

  • MovieWeb Adds Rotten Tomatoes Scores!

    Posted by The MovieWeb Team on May 11th, 2011

    MovieWeb Adds Rotten Tomatoes scores to it's massive movie library!
    MovieWeb Adds Rotten Tomatoes scores to it's massive movie library!
    Our movie reviews just added some magic.

    We're happy to announce that MovieWeb has integrated Rotten Tomatoes scores with our film database. Now, users can easily browse through reviews written by other MovieWeb users, catch-up on all of our official reviews from Movieweb's select group of sanctioned critics, as well as see what critics from across the web are saying with our new "Critic Reviews" button, which offers an up-to-date look at everything happening with Rotten Tomatoes scores.

    Check it out! Simply click on any movie title in our database you wish to check out, or do a search for any particular movie you wish to see. When you have arrived on that movie's main page, click-through from the "Meter" in the film details list, or click the "Reviews" button on the left side. You will be brought to our User reviews sub-section for that movie, where you will find the option to write your own review in the right-hand box, read fellow Users' Reviews, or access the online world's best movie critics via Rotten Tomatoes.

    And the best part is, you can find this all in one place, right here at MovieWeb. Enjoy!

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