NBC Plans Original Webisodes for ‘Heroes’, ‘Chuck’, and ‘The Office’

New video segments will begin airing on the net this July.

NBC is planning to air original webisodes of Chuck, The Office, and Heroes on the Internet. According to Variety, more NBC shows will then soon follow suite starting with 30 Rock.

NBC Digital Entertainment's Vivi Zigler stated, "We're incredibly lucky to have such collaborative writers, producers and actors to work with." The Office had previously run a successful series of webisodes that were dubbed The Accountants, featuring many of the cast members. But when residuals from web content became an issue, the series quit producing its original webisodes.

NBC's Ben Silverman stated, "The strike did resolve our issues with our chief creative partners. Now we have terms of business with them, we can do webisodes, integration. We're able to talk to them without the elephant in the room. We can create with them openly and freely."

The webisodes are currently being produced for web broadcasting this July.

Sources: Variety

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