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  1. Asher Wolf Kevin Peace Pussy Dic

    It was a really nice movie

    3 years agoby @AsherwolfkevinFlag

  2. Reynaayv

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    3 years agoby @reynaayvFlag

  3. Mexy1781

    this movie was bad...and i mean bad as in badazz

    4 years agoby @mexy1781Flag

  4. arthur gardner

    I love this movie. I pre ordered my DVD copy of xmen first class and can't wIt to have it. I just want news on a sequel to xmen first class. It should have had one by now. Plus it dosnt need wolverine in it at all.

    4 years agoby @arthur-gardnerFlag

  5. Streamible

    Watch it on streamible.com its awesome!

    4 years agoby @streamibleFlag

  6. RaMi FarHat

    gr8 plot make this one memorable flick !

    4 years agoby @RaMi-FarHatFlag

  7. SomethingMore

    Best prequel ever and best super hero movie of this year

    4 years agoby @SomethingMoreFlag

  8. T. King (Red Camera Man)

    Great prequel. Hope they make more since there's a lot more story needed to the "X-Men" movies. The best performance overall in this movie was Michael Fassbender as Magneto. He was outstanding.

    4 years agoby @redcameramanFlag

  9. Jleggs

    awsome movie hopefully it can open up new stories for future movies

    4 years agoby @jleggsFlag

  10. Lola Bond

    I really loved this movie. Glad I didn't listen to the reviews!

    4 years agoby @lola-bondFlag

  11. Fallenlords

    The only word I can think of that describes this film is 'pleasant'. Nothing wrong with the film in itself, but doesn't push any boundaries or break new ground at all. In fact being a pre-quel it feels like a step backwards.

    4 years agoby @fallenlordsFlag

  12. yellowjacket1

    Fact is that First Class is one of the top five adaptation films ever made however you cut it or whatever the other four films on your personal list.

    4 years agoby @yellowjacket1Flag

  13. Fallenlords

    I thought I was going mad again for a moment, reading a few reviews with 5.0 I saw 'The Dark Knight' all over again. But then I hit the official review that rated it 2.0 and thought there is some sense in the world.

    4 years agoby @fallenlordsFlag

  14. Ultimatesuperhero

    I've seen this movie when it first came out, and i found the awesome cameo in that movie:)

    4 years agoby @ultimatesuperheroFlag

  15. Silas Enterprises

    Since I watched this from an angle of comic-book reading, I was quite disappointed in the role of Magneto, his essence was not captured here at all. The dimensions of his character was very poorly written. The good news was that they did a better job with Xavier, Havor with no Cyclops which was weird but i guess when it comes to Hollywood they are not concerned about tell the correct version of the x-men. Overall, I think it was okay, would I watch it again most likely not.

    Mutants did not just all pop up during the second world war and the Hellfire club was more quiet and more powerful than portrayed, plus their agenda's was not just down to Shaw alone, he was one of the the four strong members of the council, never even saw anything on the black queen or the other members.

    4 years agoby @Silas-EnterprisesFlag

  16. SomethingMore

    Well, fater a long time. A brilliant superhero movie!
    Best from X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4 years agoby @SomethingMoreFlag

  17. SomethingMore

    Well, fater a long time. A brilliant superhero movie!
    Best from X!1111

    4 years agoby @SomethingMoreFlag

  18. SomethingMore

    Well, fater a long time. A brilliant superhero movie!
    Best from X!!!

    4 years agoby @SomethingMoreFlag

  19. SomethingMore

    Well, fater a long time. A brilliant superhero movie!
    Best from X!

    4 years agoby @SomethingMoreFlag

  20. SomethingMore

    Well, fater a long time. A brilliant superhero movie!
    Best from X

    4 years agoby @SomethingMoreFlag

  21. Chris

    A must see

    4 years agoby @unknown21Flag

  22. Avrahama

    Watched it in theatres this week, best X-Men movie to date, in my opinion. :D

    4 years agoby @avrahamaFlag

  23. yellowjacket1

    Great pace and action that's gritty and dark but complex and very enjoyable. Star power, sex appeal, a powerful and emotional script, and a great plot make this one memorable flick.

    4 years agoby @yellowjacket1Flag

  24. PrincessMuse

    I got to go see this looks amazing I love me some X-men Follow me @princessmuse

    4 years agoby @princessmuseFlag

  25. Salem6777

    i might see this again because it was that damn good

    4 years agoby @Salem6777Flag

  26. Avian

    I want to see this again so badly. Best movie of 2011 so far!

    4 years agoby @avian005Flag

  27. Mixlexic

    @cupid I agree the film was best when McAvoy, Fassbender and Bacon where on screen

    4 years agoby @mixlexicFlag

  28. Mixlexic

    Saw this Last night, Very Good. Fassbender makes a Bad Ass Magneto

    4 years agoby @mixlexicFlag

  29. Nautical

    As for this movie i highly recommend it even if you know nothing about XMen or havent watched the other movies. :D good stuff.

    4 years agoby @nautical05Flag

  30. Nautical

    Oh man this was great. Kinda long but i loved Fassbender. He is really an amazing actor. Im looking forward to his next projects.

    4 years agoby @nautical05Flag

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