'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?' Review By George Oldale

Rapid Rabbit!
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Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a animation/live-action film where cartoon characters and humans made friends. This film about murder, betrayal, action and slapstick, is a perfect example of classic cartoons.

It all happened where a short cartoon was filmed starring a crazy rabbit called Roger and an innocent baby called Herman. This Tom and Jerry-based cartoon was where Roger tries to save Herman from dying only to get himself trapped in hazards. When the fridge falls on Roger, the cartoon ends and Herman turns out to have a mind of 50-year-old smoker.

Roger was about to be let go but he tried to make amends. Meanwhile, a detective called Eddie has to investigate a murder which involved his brother and a Toon. Throughout the movie, Eddie is taken on a wild adventure of riding cabs, escaping weasels, trying to investigate the murder, and to find the murderer...

When I watched this film, I was actually entertained. I laughed most at the adult innuendo where a weasel was a victim of a 'booby trap' and the leader get's kicked in the crotch. I praise the animation they used, particularly Roger Rabbit, Jessica Rabbit and Benny the cab.

The reason why they have few adult bits so adults can enjoy the film as well as the children. This film is awarded with a two thumbs up!

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  1. Nicholaus XX

    @George-Oldale -- Indeed, you are. ;)

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  2. George Oldale

    You are now encouraging me to do another review and I'm getting better at it.

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  3. Nicholaus XX

    @George-Oldale -- Nice, short review, sir. I love the elaboration and I encourage you to continue to use it. The longer, the better. You've done a great job in such a short time-period, and I will embrace that and continue to read your reviews.

    Keep it up, and I won't be the only person to comment your reviews!

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