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  1. Sdotwhiteman

    I am an independent Arizona filmmaker. I am in preproduction for a short film called Falling Away. Please visit my website to contribute www.indiegogo.com/Falling-Away

    4 years agoby @sdotwhitemanFlag

  2. Mrbbaggins

    I am a hard core film lover of the umpteenth degree and will always give a film, especially a film festival/art house film, a second and third chance at proving and redeeming itself. I've never walked out on a film. Until now. Reasons: The dialog was insipid with what appeared to be little thought put into it; the story was eye-rolling (how many suicides do you happen to run into? This leading man, who seems to like death, has them happening all around him; how fortunate); and, the act of raping and murdering a young woman unnecessarily was put in, in my opinion, just for the purpose of filming it. And that's unconscionable. This was total and utter crap. If you wish to see director Iwai masturbating on screen (not literally, folks), knock yourself out with this film. Personally, I found no redeeming value in it at all. For any serious moviegoer who has a love for film and respect for all those connected with the creation of it, this movie is not for you.

    4 years agoby @mrbbagginsFlag

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