'V for Vendetta' Review By FREDD

people shouldn't be afraid of their goverments, goverments should be afraid of the people.
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this is one of my all time favourites. rumour has it that upon it's release the government tried to have it censured. after watching it for the first time i can see why. not to get on my political bandwagon but what a poke in the eye for the do-gooder's & appeasers of this world. awsome performances from the leads. it must have been hell for hugo weaving to have to rely on his voice, (splendid though it is), & his body language. didn't know that so many words with the capitol letter V can be used together, must have taken a while to remember all of them for his first lines on the screen.

Natalie portman is great in anything she does. seen her loads of times & she could do an advert for toilet roll & make it seem like a shakesperean tragedy. but most of all,like my profile states, i am in awe of the lone voice of reason striking against the seemingly unstoppable forces of beurocracy & injustice. great british use of languadge & history to creat a vigalante of such believable passion for vengance. i get goosebumps when watching it & the finale allways leaves a tear trail down my cheek. he's my brother, my mother, he's you, he's everyone.

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