Underworld Awakening (2012)

After awakening from a fifteen-year coma, Selene discovers she has a fourteen-year-old vampire-Lycan hybrid daughter and that they must stop a bio-tech company from creating an army of super-Lycans More »

Comments (55)

  1. Jerome Mack

    not to much of a fan of this because it kinda of goes away from the man story i liked seeing with the movies before this....

    2 years agoby @jerome-mackFlag

  2. Domonser

    I watched earlier 3 parts of this series it was impressive so i am excited for Underworld Awakening so that i will watch Underworld Awakening Online as soon as it releases

    2 years agoby @domonserFlag

  3. Lionheart17

    Kate is gorgeous and the movie looks great!!!!

    2 years agoby @Lionheart17Flag

  4. Waseem Abbas Burfat

    Awesame movie

    3 years agoby @wabburfatFlag

  5. Summit10

    what if the daughter was given something more to look forward too? Selene was in suspended animation for 12 years!

    3 years agoby @summit10Flag