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One shall stand, One shall fall in this excellent movie adaptation of a poular t.v. show/comic book
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Ok we all know of the "Tranformers". We all of the heroic AUTOBOTS who are lead by Optimus Prime and the evil Deceticons who are lead by Megatron. So then theres the movie adaptation of the series came out, we all said one thing in our minds " This movi is better than the series".

The Plot/Storyline was more adventurous than the series because it added not only realism,but a reason why the cybertronians/transformers came to Earth. The movie gave you a sense of danger and can totally believe everything that's happening around them. The movie has both the delicious adventures and stunning action which I will discuss later. I totally like how they bring the military in the movie which helped again made the movie believable and fun.

The acting was very excellent, and that Shia LaBouf had just made his break out role for his portrayl of Sam Witwicky and he actually show good acting Skills and making his character seem to be a perfect mash-up between Peter Parker and Indiana Jones, I say this because He makes at first he's a normal kid but when he meets the robots he acts as a lone hero. Megan Fox who this is her first acting job didn't do so well because she acted like she didn't try because she didn't give that same sens of urgency or emotion which I believe in the future she'll be better. The voice acting was Excellent because the movie brought back the original voice actor of Optimus Prime which is Peter Cullen who a praise for his return to the character because he makes us believe his character is a hero. James Harnell who voices Captain Hero on Drawn Together voices IronHide in the movie does too make his character Heroic at certain points because he made his character have some Decepticon motives but i do admit that was funny. Hugo Weaving who and I swear i didn't it was him who played Megatron but I give him his Probs because even MegaTron wasn't seen in most of the movie but damn the little moments Tron was on made me believe he was intimidating and a true killer and I did enjoy.

The Special Effects was always on point in this movie because the movie made the transformations look real and making the robots look more realistic and making get chills when ever the robots fight.

The Action was always enjoyable and fast paced because When ever the Bots fought a got chills and made me scared when I seen them fighting each other and again like I said before the military help make the movie fun and help make the action more believable.

I also like the military support used in this movie because when you think of it for a Quick Second "Transformers" Is a military based movie. "Transformers" is an excellent movie that delivers both the action and the Stunning special effects.

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