'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen' Synopsis

The battle for Earth has ended but the battle for the universe has just begun. After returning to Cybertron, Starscream assumes command of the Decepticons, and has decided to return to Earth with force. The Autobots believing that peace was possible finds out that Megatron's dead body has been stolen from the US Military by Skorpinox and revives him using his own spark. Now Megatron is back seeking revenge and with Starscream and more Decepticon reinforcements on the way, the Autobots with reinforcements of their own, may have more to deal with then meets the eye.

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  1. kurtell

    wow 123456789 10 2008 lol

    7 years agoby @kurtellFlag

  2. CloudZeroX

    This movie is going to be amazing!
    I agree to the point that Megan Fox (who is simply amazing to look at) didn't have to be in the film to make it good.
    Don't get my wrong she is hot as f*ck and I loved her being in it, but if she wasn't and there wasn't the little gay as clich&#233 "love story" which in EVERY movie made now a days it would still have been the best film of 2007.

    7 years agoby @cloudzeroxFlag

  3. XJWS79

    I'd really like to see Soundwave, Constructicons, The Dinobots. However a Unicron storyline has been done in the animated format but a live action would be freaking sweet.

    Also I'm surprised someone actually didn't like Transformers. Can't expect everyone to have the same opinion though.

    7 years agoby @xjws79Flag

  4. rpmelee

    hell ya radimus- justlooknaround u r a fool and that was definitely quite an irrational statement- the visual effects in that movie were some of the best i had ever seen, the storyline was terrific, the acting was great, even the soundtrack was awesome. obviously they could've made the movie more true to the transformers series, but wat would they get out of that? theres just that group of nerdy kids and/or adults who would go to see- overall it probably would not have appealed to the general public. and how is it just like disturbia??? wow shia labeouf... thats about it. and megan fox didnt even really have a large part in that movie- sure she was there to stare at for the first 20 minz, but after that, the focus was more or less on shia's character sam. personally i thot the movie was all-around terrific and i would recommend it to anyone young or old- obviously i cant wait until the second one!!

    7 years agoby @rpmeleeFlag

  5. Radimus-83

    justlookn, you an idiot who wouldn't know a c*ck from a pelopeion tube!!!! Transformers was a great movie, the hot chick was just a plus. an after the opening 15 minutes i doubt anyone give a sh*t about t*ts and ass!

    7 years agoby @radimus-83Flag

  6. evilwarrior31

    the first film was the best of 2007 cant wait for the second

    7 years agoby @evilwarrior31Flag

  7. the Narrator

    man u don't kno wat ur sayin justlooknround. it was awesome. not an instant classic or a complete shock. however it was entertaining, fun, and a new level of movie making. also "justlooknround". if u had bought the special edition dvd of it, (which i kno u didn't due to ur post) u will c how hard each and everyone of those members worked on it. sure they were being payed but they put their heat into it. ok. no i would love to see soundwave as some high tech stealth looking, black, hummer. with satellite dishes and everything. that would look killer to c transform. huh? also hope they put acee in this. thats jus me.

    7 years agoby @narratorFlag

  8. justlooknround

    The first movie sucked. It revolved around an attractive girl.

    It was an insult to the Transformers integrity as a franchise. It was like saying the Transformers wasn't enough to draw in a crowd. It was just like Disturbia. A B rated film that had a budget and crew of a blockbuster film. Sadly, I will not be going to see part two of this once respectable franchise. All you teeny boppers enjoy.

    7 years agoby @justlooknroundFlag


    I dont know about the movie but damm that bitch in the movie was fine as Hell.

    7 years agoby @lasvegasFlag

  10. Radimus-83

    f*cking right it was the best movie of 2007!!!

    7 years agoby @radimus-83Flag

  11. fanboy

    i cant wait for it eather, it looks so kool

    7 years agoby @fanboyFlag

  12. prakash_17

    i can't wait..............i can't wait........

    7 years agoby @prakash-17Flag

  13. hysyanz

    I knew it. cant wait for this to come out. I thought part 1 was the best movie of 2007

    7 years agoby @hysyanzFlag

  14. barbieking

    VERY funny. Danny DeVito and Kathy Bates (both with wigs) never looked better! Ron Livingston is perfect as the uptight writer. I wanna see it again!

    7 years agoby @barbiekingFlag

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