'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' Review By Jay.A.Ottley

A crime to see in a cinema!...The true definition of IMAX 3D has arrived!!! A spectacle 3D finale with the most amazing action sequences to be delivered on film since T2....The summer blockbusters are over except for HP.7 pt.2 its only contender!
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Its a secret invitation, reporters and journalists, film reviewers from multiple companies, all compound in their seats, contemplating why are they here for film to review they've no information on and sitting in BFI IMAX seats... The crowd sit and ponder, whats going on the lights dim and once the god-like figure of executive producer Stephen Spielberg & director Michael Benjamin Bay, step out lights shimmering on them like their angels sent from Heaven...everyone in the room knows why their here and what they're in store for. The introduction of an exclusive, exciting and explosive secret UK screening of Transformers: Dark Side Of The Moon begins.

The film opens up to the back story of another story about the war between the autobots and the decepticons on Cybertron and and the secret of the actual moon landings being a top secret investigation and the finding of the Ark.Transfer back to the wonderful life of Sam Witwhicky, who is becoming a man and yet still trying to get over his emotional beak-up with mikayela. But he has the beautiful Carly, by his side now, who played by the lovely Rosie Huntington Whiteley, who unlike Megan Fox can act. As their relationship blossoms, things take a tide for the worse as both the Autobots and the decepticons find out about the truth about the space landings and the ark. And in turmoil begins Earth's Last Stand and becomes a extravagant battlefield where its an all out battle for the truth and the powers behind he secrets of the ark. It becomes a sheer 3D visual extravagance and the best 3D ever seen, debris, cop cars transformers and all sorts blow out of the auditorium screen and a beautiful array of nicely shot destruction sequences and heightened moments in slow-mo courtesy of a f35 cam on 35mm film. But the what this movie contains is the most spectacular action sequences known to film, remember the first time you watched and indulged in the action sequences of Die Hard or Terminator 2, embrace to relieve that mind-blowinf feeling again that leaves your jaw scraping the floor.

The actors are all on top form, in this spectacular action finale and not one of them fails to fall out of character, with the new arrivals of some characters such as Sentinel, Carly and some new machines. In this final installment of Michael Bay's trilogy it feels like it can't get any better than this and this is by far the best of any of Bay's flicks. The actors are on top form and even the new contenders do a fine job up against the actors and characters we all know and love. These characters actually feel fully achieved and developed to the max, which is well unusual for a Bay flick and it almost feels as it isn't a Bay film and your only reminded that it is until you see an action sequence capable only by Bay.

While I'd love to indulge on how spectacularly crafted this film in the sense of directing, but I'm not.Now your probably asking...WHY? Because i'm going to let none other than Michael Bay himself do it, ask I got to ask him during the after Q & A, what it was like to do his first 3D picture.


Good question, when Stephen, Paramount and myself came to the terms that the 3rd and final Transformer had to separate itself from the other two predecessors. We decided it had to be different and by making it different, we decided to make it 3D it was different, I had to begin grasping what 3D was and what it could do, its limit and limitations, but I was up for the challenge... I did the implementation stage, you know doing all the research and then I found the perfect answer and flaw to 3D...And that was simple. If it ain't shot in 3D then there is no f*cking point of it being 3D, and thats about as blunt and beautiful as the answer gets. I mean did you see such films as The Last Airbender or Clash of the Titans, they were mockeries and shambles to the power of 3D and what it is capable of. In brief term, you can't turn a 2D film, which was initially planned and created as a 2D film into a 3D film,it just doesn't work, because it was never meant to be 3D, because it was perceived and created in 2D. Because your not gaining the full capability of what 3D is actually capable of, with a post conversion your getting like a pathetic 20% job with poor results. If it ain't filmed and shot in 3D then it ain't worth seeing it in 3D. And well that's how you have to look at it, its either 2D or 3D not both...Its like trying to turn a romance into one of my films, it just doesn't make, sense.

Back with your truly, Visually Transformers 3 is an amazing success and as with all Michael Bay films leaves the audience with the jaws dropped open by the amazing visuals and SFX. From the spaceships, to the outstanding explosions to the spectacular battle sequences are the most finest effects ever seen in an pure hardcore action flick. But the most outstanding final sequence of the destruction of chicago brilliant in its destruction that its just sheer beauty like watching the sun rise, then entering the destruction of the world, and the destruction just gets more climatic. The only tackiness of the effects is the risings from the moon but other than that Transformers 3 is a fine as it comes.

Overall Transformers 3 is as fine and beautiful as a spectacle as it comes and it sets down and destroys the majority of the Summer blockbusters setting the limits down and making it near impossible for any other film to step in the ring with it. Its laid the foundation and expectation of Summer 2011, and its a fine spectacle to the conclusion to Michael Bay's trilogy leaving confusion of what Spielberg can do with the fourth... But in final regards and as I bid farewell to this review, I leave you with this final note to gain the full pleasure and experience of Transformers: Dark Side Of The Moon....THIS IS NOT A CINEMA OR THEATRE MOVIE....ITS AN IMAX 3D MOVIE

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  1. T.Clark

    @brian Why the f*ck is it genius?

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  2. DS177

    Great review

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  3. ZanyZap

    @slysnide: I'm tempted to skip too. I was hoping for a "comeback," and though I haven't read any reviews yet (I don't read them until after I see the movie, for my own reviewing purposes), I saw the very high percentage it received on rottentomatoes... a whopping 38 percent! I may review it to add some diversity to my measly three reviews. I noticed you have 293 reviews. Holy sh*t. I need to start reading. :P

    Glad you liked it, @jayaottley.

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  4. skywise

    @jayaottley nice review. well thought out.

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    at 9* whoops :/

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    @jayaottley nice review mate. Heading out to see it at night, stoked!!!

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  7. Jay.A.Ottley

    loool @kguy I hope God forgives me

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  8. K.Guy

    @jayaottley lol, I notice your Steven Spielberg typo.

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  9. Brian

    @slysnide "I'm skipping this as I did the first two." = GENIUS.

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  10. slysnide

    Nice review man, but I'm skipping this as I did the first two.

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  11. Jakn

    Great reivew!

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  12. ejk1

    @jayaottley Congrats dude. I have yet to read the review, but I will after I see the film, and possibly review it for myself.

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  13. Corey W.

    @jayaottley Cool news. I remember an old friend of mine was put in an article a few years back on this site. The reason Jami ever got his quotes on those DVD covers was because he was the only guy on the web who liked those movies in particular. :P

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  14. MovieFreak97

    @moviegeek And Sanctum. And Legion. And The Dilemma.

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  15. Jay.A.Ottley

    @moviegeek i think i may have already had that when i did my Death Race 2 review. but i ain't too sure because I haven't seen the American DVD Cover front nor back to Death Race 2.

    Because Universal contacted Movieweb to ask me for permission to use the quote, which I gave in a heartbeat :)

    Guess were have to wait and see :)

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  16. moviegeek

    @jayaottley Maybe you'll end up with a quote on the DVD cover like Jami Philbrick did for Death at a Funeral ;)

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  17. Jay.A.Ottley

    OI OI


    I know I've link you into this review already but check this out MOVIEWEBBERS


    HAHA, click the movieweb review for some awesomeness

    now its just finding out about from @movieweb how to get OFFICIAL stamps *backflips out window and transforms*

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  18. TheMime

    Awesome Review....hands down

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  19. moviegeek

    I'm convinced on seeing this Tuesday night now :D Thanks for the review. I hope you're right!

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  20. Jay.A.Ottley

    @bawnian-dexeus very safe to say 'Franchise redeemed' and 2nd installment aborted, lol

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  21. Matt Damon (Not)

    This is the most incompetently written review I have ever read.

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  22. J.P.

    @jayaottley Great review! I know my faith in this film is not for nothing.

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  23. Bawnian©-Dexeus

    @jayaottley Awesome! Love the read. Can't wait. Gonna be an awesome birthday. BTW, is it safe to say "Franchise Redeemed?" :D

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  24. the Narrator

    Surprising review. I hope it holds up to what you and a few others have been saying. I expect 65% action and effects, 15% story, and the rest is miscellaneous Bay type stuff, which I'm fine with.

    4 years agoby @narratorFlag

  25. SherlockHolmes2009

    Whew im excited for this one

    4 years agoby @SherlockHolmes2009Flag

  26. thedude-abides

    @jayaottley Lol. Yeah, I've been saying Green Lantern would be balls since the very first image came out over a year ago. In any case, you might be right. In the end, I may have to end up breaking my oath. Until then.

    4 years agoby @thedude-abidesFlag

  27. Jay.A.Ottley

    @cupid its very good, One of the best to come out of hollywood alongside X-Men: 1st Class. I can't add Super-8 yet, because i haven't seen it yet. Seeing it at a PR Screening on Tuesday which it ain't released in the UK until August 25th, which takes the piss.

    But Transformers 3, X-men: 1st Class, Super-8 & HP 7 pt.2 despite they may be the best to come out of Hollywood... I doubt they'll top my best film of the year, so far.

    4 years agoby @jayaottleyFlag

  28. Jay.A.Ottley

    @thedude-abides your going to end up breaking that oath, you know, even though i agree the baby that is ROTF should have been aborted... That was like 'That Last Airender' of that year lol.... This year's 'Last Airbender' is Green Lantern :D

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  29. CUPID

    @jayaottley wow i know its gonna be awesome but a standing ovation damn its that good :)

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