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Ahhhh Thor. Much like "Iron Man," many expected his movie debut to be a complete and total failure. Right from the get go there was skepticism and rebuttal. Then the trailers aired and everyone was saying how campy and hokey it was looking. I was inclined to somewhat agree with those statements, but then I remembered "Iron Man" and how everyone's reactions were the same to it, and they all ended up loving it completely. So I withheld my judgement and decided to wait for the movie to hit theaters so I could judge it on what it was, and not by how it looked. I ended up being very glad that I did this. While the movie looked hokey and very, very cheesy, it ended up working perfectly. The animation, the scenery, everything it was fantastic. The whole movie, visually, was breathtaking. And the Thor mythology and everything worked greatly to the movie's benefit. If I were to say it, I think Thor was the biggest underdog in "The Avengers" series. While "The Incredible Hulk" was going to have a hard time hitting audiences right after the extreme failure of 2003's "Hulk," "Thor" was going to have a difficult time making a point that it was, in fact, a serious movie. I mean, the costumes and mythology hitting modern day culture the way that the "Thor" storyline does, makes for a movie that could either do as well as it ended up doing, or it could fail tremendously and be one of the dumbest movies possible. I'm glad to say it didn't do the latter, because that would have meant "The Avengers" might not have happened. At any rate, this movie succeeded in being a great summer blockbuster.

Kenneth Branagh takes us into the depths of Thor and his journey to becoming the guardian of Earth. Now, I don't know any of Branagh's other films (at least the ones that he has directed, anyway), so I cannot compare his technique, but I will say that I loved his vision for Thor. He knew that it was going to be either incredibly stupid, or spectacularly breathtaking, depending on how he handled things. Luckily he aimed high, and didn't miss. As I said, I was worried about the movie and how easily it could've failed, but Branagh didn't disappoint me, and for this I'm eternally thankful. What I think I loved most, which I've been saying about all these superhero movies, were the visuals. While Hulk's animation was my favorite, Thor's SCENERY was my favorite. Just the opening with the battle on Midgard, then you got the look at Asgard. Asgard was... phenomenal to behold. Especially in 3D, which with how well-done 3D has been doing lately was to be expected. I also really enjoyed the costumes for the movie. Thor's and Loki's especially. They modernized it enough to where it would do in a live-action movie, but kept it at a point where it looked enough like the original concepts that no one would be butthurt about it. That was a great tactic, and it made the movie even better. The comic book gods were in favor of this, clearly, for it turned out as good as many had wanted it to be.

The movie starts with Odin explaining the war in which Asgard prevailed in stopping Jotunheim from overthrowing the nine realms, and how they withdrew to the realm eternal to live peaceful, and watch over the realms that they had saved. Once he is finished, we find that he is telling these stories to a young Thor and a young Loki. It is clear from the beginning that Thor has a thirst for battle, but it's also clear that he doesn't think through the diplomatic side of everything. Later on in his life we find him a grown man, and about to accept the throne of Asgard, to rule as king in place of Odin (Anthony Hopkins). However, as Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is just about to accept the crown, frost giants invade the palace. After Odin has them destroyed, he stands there with Thor and Loki (Tom Hiddleston) who try and figure out what has happened. Thor is beside himself and ready to storm into Jotunheim and teach the frost giants a lesson. Odin, sensing that his son is not ready for the crown, tells him that he is foolish and has much to learn about being a king. Thor is furious with his father, and decides to lead his brother, and a handful of his friends into Jotunheim and carry out his earlier plan. However when his plan backfires and he incites a new war between Jotunheim and Asgard. Odin, furious with his foolish son, banishes Thor to Earth, stripping him of his powers and separating him from his beloved hammer, Mjolnir. Once upon Earth (Midgard), Thor is hit by a truck in the desert. This truck is driven by Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and her associates, Dr. Selvig (Alexander Skarsgaard) and Darcy (Kat Dennings). Taking him to a hospital, they leave him there. However, soon they figure out that this man came from within the storm they were chasing, and key to something much bigger than they thought. Thor, on the other hand is searching for his hammer, which he finds to be so close at hand, yet he cannot lift it. He must figure out a way to return to Asgard and make things right. That is until Loki visits to inform him that Odin has died and Thor's banishment is permanent. Thor soon realizes that something is wrong, and must return to Asgard to confront the forces who would destroy peace in the nine realms.

The cast of this movie is spectacular. All of the actors are top notch, and I love that they all signed on for it. Between Alexander Skarsgaard, Natalie Portman, or Kat Dennings, I dunno where to start my fangirling. Now, Hemsworth and Hiddleston aren't that well known to me, but both do great job. Hiddleston is everything you would want from Loki. Mischievous, conniving, and over all villainous. I love their choice for the role, and am glad he returned for "The Avengers." I'm really hoping he sticks around to play the role. Hemsworth was a fantastic Thor. My vote for Thor from the get go was Scott Speedman, I thought he had the right build, and look, and all he needed to do was to grow the beard and he'd be perfect. So when I heard Hemsworth got the job, I was a little disappointed... At least until we started getting images and trailers for the movie and he saw how perfect he was. In the movie he gets the dominance, assertiveness, and overall... godliness?... of Thor to a T, and it makes the movie so much more fun to watch. Natalie Portman, of course plays the love interest part great, Alexander Skarsgaard plays the older man looking out for Portman, and Kat Dennings the comedic relief character. All three do their parts to keep the movie fun and entertaining. And last but not least, Anthony Hopkins as Odin. Do I even need to tell how well he played the part?

Anyhow, if you've had doubts about seeing "Thor," then you need to set them aside, get out there, and rent it at least. I have a feeling that you, like me and many others, will not be disappointed by it at all. It's an entertaining film, and I'm sure that you won't regret the time spent watching it. Plus! If you've seen "The Avengers" and not this, there's something wrong with you. This is an important step in the series, and one that should be viewed. So, take my advice and give the movie a chance!

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