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Loved it
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The only thing that bothered me about this movie was that in some parts I felt like Del Toro as the Wolfman still had the ability to feel emotion to save people. A lot of the time he didn't of course but during the scene where he was in the institution with all those men I thought this is going to be the most brutal movie moment I've ever seen for the next five minutes. Then it didn't happen like I wanted it to. I can't say I saw what was coming but I also felt like I was being taken in 7 directions at once. It felt like the scenes were rushed into getting into the next rushed scene. The violence and gore was superb and no violence against animals for once which is a huge plus for me! If you're a movie-goer it's a definite must see in theatres. If you just go to movies once every three months and rent the rest, I think you wouldn't be upset if you waited. I think this was a better representation of lycans than what we've seen recently from things like Underworld. I never believe critic reviews because usually everything critics hate, I love! Del Toro doesn't upset and was a great choice for Wolfman.

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  1. Yahzee

    Could have been A LOT better. Not sure what Joe Johnston was going after. The performances however were top notch

    5 years agoby @yahzeeFlag

  2. Fitzynme123

    very disapointing : /

    5 years agoby @fitzynme123Flag

  3. r8erfan123

    i agree

    5 years agoby @r8erfan123Flag