'The Truman Show' Synopsis

Truman Burbank has the feeling that he's being watched.

He doesn't know how right he is.

Every second of every day, from the moment he was born, for the last thirty years, Truman Burbank has been the unwitting star of the longest running, most popular documentary-soap opera in history. The picture-perfect town of Seahaven that he calls home is actually a gigantic soundstage. Truman's friends and family - everyone he meets, in fact - are actors. He lives every moment under the unblinking gaze of thousands of hidden TV cameras.

Welcome to "The Truman Show." The whole world is watching.

Truman's unsettling, darkly funny world is a kind of waking nightmare unlike anything ever previously created on film. This perverse mirror of millennium America speaks directly to our innermost fears and frustrations. Truman is not only preyed upon by a network of human and electronic spies, he is literally trapped in his own life, held down and penned in by the surreal existence in which he has been forced to spend every one of his thirty years.

Realizing that he is caught like a butterfly in a jar, Truman determines that his single aim must now be to escape Seahaven no matter what the cost. But he has not yet reckoned with the power of Christof (Ed Harris), who conceived the show and has produced, directed and supervised it throughout its entire run. Nor has he faced up to his greatest fears, which may be even more effective than the God-like Christof in keeping him a prisoner in Seahaven.

Blackly comic, yet exhilarating and ultimately inspiring, Truman's story reflects the hopes and anxieties that grip us all as the century lurches toward its close.

Comments (3)

  1. CUPID

    Brilliant move.

    2 years agoby @cupidFlag

  2. Thenameslisa

    Love this film. Need to get the dvd right now to watch over and over again. And guess what the director of the film has a new film out in 2011called Now, staring Amanda Seyfried, Alex Pettyfer and Justin Timberlake (good choice of cast, but he only knows why on earth he put Justin in it).

    4 years agoby @thenameslisaFlag

  3. Chris

    Great movie

    4 years agoby @unknown21Flag

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