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There are over 300 bank robberies in Boston every year. And most of the professionals live in a one-square-mile neighborhood called Charlestown. One of them is Doug MacRay, but he is not cut from the same cloth as his fellow thieves. Unlike them, Doug had a chance at success, a chance to escape following in his father's criminal footsteps. Instead, he became the leader of a crew of ruthless bank robbers, who pride themselves on taking what they want and getting out clean. The only family Doug has are his partners in crime, especially Jem, who, despite his dangerous, hair-trigger temper, is the closest thing Doug ever had to a brother. However, everything changed on the gang's last job when Jem briefly took a hostage: bank manager Claire Keesey. When they discover Claire lives in Charlestown, Jem gets nervous and wants to check out what she might have seen. Knowing what Jem is capable of, Doug takes charge. He seeks out Claire, who has no idea that their encounter is not by chance or that this charming stranger is one of the men who terrorized her only days before. As his relationship with Claire deepens into a passionate romance, Doug wants out of this life and the town. But with the Feds closing in and Jem questioning his loyalty, Doug realizes that getting out will not be easy and, worse, may put Claire in the line of fire. Any choices he once had have boiled down to one: betray his friends or lose the woman he loves. "The Town" is a dramatic thriller about robbers and cops, friendship and betrayal, love and hope, and escaping a past that has no future.

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  1. coolnblue

    how can anyone say this movie was boring or a letdown must not know great film when they see it , jeremy renner should have got best supporting actor. This movie had some of the best robbery scenes ever and the mask with the dreds were used in an original fassion .I think the idea of ben's character getting involved with that witness was stupid but if you could let that be it all pretty much worked.

    3 years agoby @coolnblueFlag

  2. Mm61675

    this movie was a big letdown. there was barely any action to it or any big conflict...and then it just ends. LAME.

    3 years agoby @mm61675Flag

  3. coolnblue

    jeremy renner,a freaking surprise for sure ,just like he was in the hurt locker that i saw not too long ago on dvd.

    4 years agoby @coolnblueFlag

  4. Abhishek Dadhich

    Not a great movie. but watchable.

    4 years agoby @Abhishek-DadhichFlag

  5. CoreyBrownReviews

    Ben Affleck does it again. This movie was fantastic.

    4 years agoby @CoreyBrownReviewsFlag

  6. Chris

    damn great movie, Ben Affleck really delivers

    4 years agoby @unknown21Flag

  7. coolnblue

    i think sequals should be very rare, Many times they are never better than the first, When you think about it ...what you may want to see is something just like u saw the first time except different, it's usually never better than the original though, For instance they didn't need to make all those jaws sequels, jaw 2 i think was fine but completely unnessary, Roy shieder said smile you sob ,then he blew the water monster up and that should have been it,but no ,we got to have another and another and another, and that last one that was made was horrible,they even went as far as killing a key family member off to make a new story ,so now when u watch "part one",if you've seen um all,you'll know that one of the sons is gonna be killed in the future,what a way to put a stain on the first.
    It's no wander steven spielburg didn't want any part of the sequels.In the old days they made a movie and it was a hit or not a hit and if it was ,it would resennate over the yrs and people would come back to watch it over and over to see different angles and new things that may catch the eye but a sequel, hardly ever. I've become tired of sequels.
    Great movies that require no sequel........
    out of the past
    his kind of woman
    the fighter (yes i just thew this one among some classics!)
    the maltese falcon
    the mechanic with charles bronson
    the hustler
    3:10 to yuma the black and white orig.
    rocky (sure i enjoyed some of the sequels but still,unessasary,after a while they just got rediculous.)
    straight time (my fav dusten holfman movie) ..they could have made a sequel to that one easy,but it couldn't have touched the first one.
    and blade runner ,people are trying to push it but it couldn't compare no matter what they do in their workshop!
    superman didn't even need a sequel . some of them were in very bad taste ,anything to make a green rectangle.
    true grit (shouldn't have been a remake although this new one is probably gonna be one of the best movies of the yr but i could do without it)
    Why must they tangle us all up in seqeals.

    4 years agoby @coolnblueFlag

  8. Nick kaji

    I agree best movie , i hope a sequal comes out

    4 years agoby @Omega007Flag

  9. coolnblue

    best film in a long time, check out my review,a quick rundown. A underdog that makes the big dog cry. The mask were some of the best i've seen in yrs in a movie!

    4 years agoby @coolnblueFlag

  10. OhTheFilmNerd

    Affleck stop starring in your own films

    4 years agoby @ohthefilmnerdFlag

  11. WiseGuy

    Just saw this and I f*ckin' loved it. Everything about it was great, acting was terrific (you could really feel for the characters),story was engaging and intelligent, and the direction by Affleck was just excellent. Affleck proves that not only can he act but he can also direct the hell out of a movie. I cannot wait to see what he does next, hope it's something as good as The Town, but that's gonna be a hard task to beat.

    4 years agoby @zgcorleone072Flag

  12. DoubleR0522

    looking 4ward 2 seeing this

    4 years agoby @doubler0522Flag

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