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Un-Amusingly Predictable!
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My Oh My! The First time Johnny & Angie Sharing the same screen! =) But unfortunately the outcome was not as desired! I expected a lot from this one :(

Frank Tupelo ( Johnny Depp) is an american tourist on a trip to Venice meets a lovely stranger Elise (Angelina Jolie). Little does Frank know that he's going to face trouble on embarking a journey with Elise. Not only that but Police are determined to hunt down a master mind Alexander Peers who is believed to have stolen $ 744 million.

Believe me Alexander Peers had come early! The writers were very ineffective. You could literally tell that Johnny is Alexander Peers the moment he comes in! And the way the movie flowed really became boring as there were no twists and turns and this so called Frank Tupelo started showing "FEELINGS " for Elise. The way he asked her about himself was just lousy. Bad Story and weak script just gave me a bad taste in the mouth! :(

The Direction was also average nothing so special.

Well..the cast is special! You have Johnny and Angie for the first time on the same screen like I mentioned earlier!! =) But believe me you don't expect from two great actors when they landed the tourist. They just chose the wrong movie. I only gave ratings to acting just because of the first pairing of both of them or else this was not what you expect from both of them.

Summing it Up...The Fans would be very disappointed...The Tourist is really not what it should have been with both Angie & Johnny. The movie is predictable from it's very beginning so I don't need to ruin the story ;) just give it a go If you wanna see both of them for the first time but still you will be disappointed! Believe me!

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  1. Ramster

    Like I said I don't need to ruin the story ;)

    4 years agoby @ramsterFlag

  2. CUPID

    Nice review, i'll wait for this when it come out on cable.

    4 years agoby @cupidFlag

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