'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' Review By slysnide

Look what your brother did to the door!
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Alright, while I didn't find this film to be scary at all, the creepy sound fx and visuals make up for it, as does the opening shot of the dead armadillo on the highway (which was gonna be a dead horse on the side of the highway had the crew not been so nauseated by it.). The opening montage is also creepy and sets the tone of the film.

Now there is a lot of comedy in this film, such as the annoying Franklin, the '70s hippie Jerry, the crazy hitchhiker, the kooky cook, and the multiple personalities of Leatherface. What else can this movie be missing?

Even Tobe Hooper mentioned how he was slightly disappointed that the critics didn't see the comedy of it as much. But they do now!!!!!! And can you believe that London banned it's release for 24yrs!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, it's true! So then this has got to be a good flick! Or the critics over there are just too easily disturbed! And when it was finally premiered, it got the red carpet treatment with all the actors there for the premiere they didn't get the first time around.

The steel door slamming shut automatically gives you the idea of a slaughterhouse, and how the film from then on instills the suspense of going behind that door and actually seeing the gore, though you never do. Sure you go in there, but never any chainsaw action in the whole movie.

The cleverness of the meathook scene was classic. No image or sound of her going on the hook, just a cut to some blood on the wall, and a painful scream of terror! Classic '70s horror from the one and only Tobe Hooper!

I especially love the cook's worrying about troubling economic times whilst poking Marilyn Burns with the broom. And kicking the hitchhiker in the dirt for going to the graveyard. And of course, who can for get old grandpa? The guy you aint sure is alive or dead!

And the originality in the plot of the movie! I mean who would've thought about a roadtrip to nowhere to visit a house rather than a concert or a drug trade? This was brilliant! And all will like it. Especially if you like horror movie spoofs. Even though this isn't really that type of a movie.

And the poster! I mean I think that says it all! What a great tagline! The film was even financed by Butchy Piranha! gangster? mobster? (see the DVD doc to find out!)

If you watch the doc*mentary on the making of this cult classic on the 30th Anniversary DVD, then you'll appreciate the movie much more as you come to see how it was made. Such as digging through cattle carcasses for bones and picking up roadkill for taxidermied roadkill in the movie! And the psycho Leatherface himself being an elegant and laid back writer of peaceful stories!

Either way, you'll definitely see this as a horror comedy that's a classic in it' own right! And if you view it as being a comedy rather than sheer horror, then you'll love it even more!

Til the next time something like this rolls round, then go to a horror movie convention and relish in the genre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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