'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' Review By slysnide

"Now we've got something else in common."
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Rarely do remakes of horror films do well at all. Let alone their sequels. But this one is a rare find in how it follows just about the same story with more gore, more suspense, and keeps the overall comedic aspect intact after many viewers of the original failed to see that. For even Tobe Hooper said that it was like a comedy in it's own right, and that they were trying to say that: "This is America."

This film follows a group of friends in their twenties across Texas after buying dope in Mexico. They pick up a quirky hitchhiker which leads to the introduction of one of the greatest characters in the series: the Sheriff. All the more brilliantly and hilariously portrayed by R. Lee Ermey (Mail Call). The way this film tweaks a few of the roles around in comparison to the original is unique, but has the all too familiar teenage "B" horror movie acting that makes it not as realistic, in that you wouldn't freak out as much about the Sheriff, and wouldn't hijack a truck or van to stop them from PASSING THROUGH the evil town rather than stopping there. But this is more of a horror film, while the original was more of a horror comedy. I do miss the absence of the cook and crazy hitchhiker though, but Sheriff Hewitt makes up for it!

The Leatherface mask in this one is far worse than in the original. It looks like he bought it at a costume store rather than having made it from a victim he'd killed, like in the original.

The score wasn't comprised of creepy sound FX like in the original, but features an equally creepy score that fits the setting and story perfectly.

The settings themselves were amazing, as the house was one of the most strange and demented looking places a family of psychos could live. Though in the original, the psychos lived in the nice and pretty house next door, and were more memorable than all of the ones in this version of the family. Other cool sets include the fields, woods, and slaughterhouse.

Daniel Pearl did the cinematography for the original film, and afterward, went on to be successful and raise a family. But when he got around to focusing on raising his kids, he swore off horror films for good, so as not to endorse such content to his young children, and so, he told all his friends and colleagues that he'd never do a film like chainsaw again. But then along came director Marcus Nispell, and within a short phone conversation, Daniel was on for the chainsaw '03 project. And it's a good thing he was, cuz the film had amazing cinematography!!!! The way the house seemed to loom over all the characters, and how low angles made the fields look taller, and woods look denser made the movie seem that much more unique than your average horror flick. Such things add to the creepy effect of the film, and made it better looking than the original in some ways.

Overall, Marcus Nispel did a decent job on this film, and it was a WAY better remake than Zombie's "Halloween" (2007). A good flick for horror fans.

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