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  • Luke Y. Thompson E! Online
    It's a Smurfs movie. What did you expect?
    Full Review » 3 years ago
  • Tim Grierson Screen International
    The Smurfs contains such moments of sweetness and heart that it's all the more unfortunate that it's otherwise a numbingly ordinary kids' film.
    Full Review » 3 years ago
  • Marjorie Baumgarten Austin Chronicle
    The good news is that there is no news in the land of Smurfdom. The cartoon creatures are still blue, three apples tall, cheerful as all get-out, and annoying as hell.
    Full Review » 3 years ago
  • S.T. VanAirsdale Movieline
    Like many adaptations, reboots, remakes and other youth-nostalgia dredgings, this is a film that transcends "good" or "bad," "like" or "don't like."
    Full Review » 3 years ago
  • Frank Swietek One Guy's Opinion
    An uneven, relatively gentle, rather sweet but only sporadically enjoyable family flick with slapstick the kiddies will find smurfing fun.
    Full Review » 3 years ago
  • Peter Hartlaub San Francisco Chronicle
    A better movie than anyone could have possibly expected, thanks in large part to an honest effort by Harris in a thankless role.
    Full Review » 3 years ago
  • Dustin Putman DustinPutman.com
    Won't be an awards contender anytime soon, but it is altogether sweetly smurfier than anyone could have predicted.
    Full Review » 3 years ago
  • Alonso Duralde The Wrap
    Does for children's entertainment what lead paint does for children's toys.
    Full Review » 3 years ago
  • Nell Minow Beliefnet
    The film is raw and mean-spirited, with too many of the "Smurf" word substitutions more naughty than nice ("Who Smurfed?" "Where the Smurf are we?"). That's Smurfed up.
    Full Review » 3 years ago
  • Jordan Hoffman UGO
    I will not go so far as to call The Smurfs subversive, but it is surprisingly sophisticated.
    Full Review » 3 years ago
  • Moira MacDonald Seattle Times
    Why does the villain Gargamel have a name that sounds like a sore-throat product? Why are there countless male Smurfs and only one female? (The mind boggles.) Why do they only know one song, and why is it so irritating? So many questions.
    Full Review » 3 years ago
  • Brett Michel Boston Phoenix
    "I hated this much less than I expected," complains Grouchy near the end. Cranky (this critic) disagrees.
    Full Review » 3 years ago
  • Ed Gonzalez Slant Magazine
    Here comes The Smurfs movie to nail the coffin shut, to remind us that there's no bigger bitch in this life than nostalgia.
    Full Review » 3 years ago
  • Walter Chaw Film Freak Central
    eventually, and it's coming for all of us, you stop realizing that there's a fight to be joined.
    Full Review » 3 years ago
  • Christopher Lloyd Sarasota Herald-Tribune
    I don't mind this sort of claptrap for kiddies if it's executed well and the filmmakers invite adults along for the journey. But there's nothing to recommend about The Smurfs. Every obvious joke is covered, every morsel of cuteness exploited.
    Full Review » 4 years ago
  • Emanuel Levy EmanuelLevy.Com
    One of worst movies of the summer: Lame, unoriginal, and not particularly funny.
    Full Review » 4 years ago
  • MaryAnn Johanson Flick Filosopher
    [I]ncontinence -- as the result of either as-yet untrained bowels or a terrible adult affliction -- is presumed to be a major concern for the viewer here.
    Full Review » 4 years ago
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