'The Rugrats Movie' Review By George Oldale

Honey, We Neglected Our Children!
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The Rugrats Movie is an animated film based on the TV series, The Rugrats that I adored as a child. This film tells the story of six babies and their puppy on an adventure. It also tells the story of teamwork and brothers finding brother-ship and trust.

It all happened where the lead baby Tommy, the not-so-brave Chuckie and twins Phil and Lil go on an Indiana Jones-like adventure, ending up chased by a boulder. However, it turned out to be their imagination and they then explore the baby shower as Tommy's mother is pregnant. Later on, after a song that nearly made ears bleed, the people and babies go to the hospital.

After Tommy's little brother, Dil is born, the two had a heated relationship with Dil getting whatever he wants with his non-stop crying and his trusted rattler weapon. Phil and Lil then decide to take Dil back to the "Hopstical" on their Reptar Wagon. However, they end up in the forest and in order to find their way home, they need to find the "lizard" so he can wish them out of there.

The Rugrats Movie has entertained me in my past years and was very humorous when I watched it. One funny scene is when the monkeys were singing, the Wagon race through the city and Chuckie "water-skiing" on the river. It also touched my heart when Tommy finally realizes that Dil is more than a nuisance.

If I watched it as an adult, I would probably dislike this film and say that if I was child again, I would love it. But, I was lucky and this film, along with Anastasia, Thomas and the Magic Railroad and All Dogs Go To Heaven, are my childhood classics. I must say that I did cry a bit when Tommy comforted his brother and when he wished that the "lizard" he can have his dog, Spike, back.

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