The Raid: Redemption (2012)

As a rookie member of an elite special-forces team, Rama is instructed to hang back during a covert mission involving the extraction of a brutal crime lord from a rundown fifteen-story apartment block. But when a spotter blows their cover, boss Tama offers lifelong sanctuary to every killer, rapist and thief in the building in exchange fortheir heads. Now Rama must stand in for the team's fallen leader and use every iota of his fighting strength - winding through every floor and every room to complete the mission and escape with his life. More »

Comments (7)

  1. TheStonedReviewer

    So violent, so exhilarating, very few films have you on the edge of your seat.

    9 months agoby @stonedFlag

  2. CUPID

    This Was F*cking Awesome!!!!

    2 years agoby @cupidFlag

  3. Jake Braden

    The perfect action film.

    2 years agoby @Jake-BradenFlag

  4. Lukeworm100

    How a Welsh director could handle a full Indonesian cast is beyond me but it was an amazing film. Shot so well, the pace never altered, the acting never quivered, the action was top form choreography and you could never look away. Like Cabin in The Woods to the horror genre this brought a breath of fresh air to a very generic genre and could infact be just the kickstart it was looking fr. Hard Boiled + Die Hard + District 13 = The Raid: Redemption

    2 years agoby @lukeworm100Flag