'The Nightmare Before Christmas' Synopsis

Twas a long time ago, longer now than it seems, in a place perhaps you've seen in your dreams..."


This Halloween, everyone's favorite nightmare will return -- in another dimension. On the occasion of its 13th anniversary, Tim Burton's hippest of holiday classics, THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, will make a ghoulishly groundbreaking comeback to the big screen, seamlessly transformed into stunning Disney Digital 3D. This dazzling new makeover offers a frightfully fun, eyepopping trip into a universe of magic and wonder that remains unlike any other. The film's transformation was led by the original filmmaking team of Academy Award®-nominated writer/producer Tim Burton ("Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," "Corpse Bride") and director Henry Selick ("James and the Giant Peach") -- and was turned into reality through an intense, frame-by-frame digitizing process spearheaded by the technical wizards at Industrial Light & Magic and driven by a passion for the film's visual splendor and timeless (not to mention occasionally headless) characters.

Donning their state-of-the-art, polarized 3D glasses, audiences will now have the chance to get truly up close and bone-rattlingly personal with the film's cast of mischievously macabre ghosts and goblins. They'll be transported directly into the three-dimensional center of the haunted house-like environs of Halloweentown as its bored Pumpkin King, Jack Skellington, attempts to take over the festive Christmas season for a change of pace. Against the advice of Sally (Catherine O'Hara), the lonely rag doll who has secret feelings for him, Jack enlists three trick-or-treaters -- Lock, Shock, and Barrel -- to help him kidnap Santa Claus. But even when Jack realizes his mistake, he'll have to contend with the evil Oogie Boogie before he can turn things around and restore the holiday's cheer.

Fueled by an unforgettable Grammy®-nominated soundtrack featuring ten infectiously spooky songs by Oscar nominee Danny Elfman ("Corpse Bride," "Big Fish"), who also provided the singing voice for Jack, Tim Burton's THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS 3D will be released in conjunction with a new soundtrack album from Walt Disney Records that revisits the music in equally fun ways. The two disc set will feature Danny Elfman's acclaimed original score, four never-before-released demos from Elfman and a new twist: a collection of covers of the film's most favorite songs from such popular artists as Fall Out Boy, Fiona Apple, Marilyn Manson, Panic! At The Disco and She Wants Revenge.


A landmark film in its genre, the 1993 release of THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS combined the power, enchantment and artistry of stop-motion animation with technological wizardry to create a moviegoing experience that captured the hearts and imaginations of millions of die-hard fans. It simultaneously became an all-time family favorite and attained permanent cult status among the cool. Just as its playful, pitch-perfect sense of Halloween fun made it a holiday standard, its mischievously dark humor and no-holds-barred creativity has made it an enduring video hit among college kids and hipsters -- who admire it, quote it, sing it and even dress the parts at Halloween. For years, every Halloween has been turned into NIGHTMARE season at Hollywood's legendary El Capitan Theatre, which screens the film each October to ever-growing audiences.

Part ghostly love story, part upside-down holiday celebration and part toe-tappingly offbeat musical, this NIGHTMARE was always multidimensional. But now, the classic film that had audiences falling in love with one of the most painstakingly handmade of all animation processes has been brought hurtling into the 21st century and transformed for a new generation to experience in Disney Digital 3D, expanding its legacy of innovation.

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    Good one

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    This is Halloween. This is Halloween.

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