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I was originally pumped for this movie, seeing as though it is a Mary Harron film. Now, I only know one film by her, which is American Psycho, but American Psycho is one of my favorite movies of all time. When I saw her name in the trailer for The Moth Diaries I felt the strong need to see it.

Unfortunately, when I did see The Moth Diaries, I was let down big time. Mary Harron does not create a good atmosphere for the film, and does not put anything special into this work of her's. But it is not just her directing's fault. But the writing as well. Mary Harron adapted this movie from a novel by Rachel Klein. I don't know about the novel, but the screenplay for this film is jumbled, and does not make sense.

The story is suppose to mainly be about the new girl in an all girls' college dorm, who is awfully weird and creepy. But instead, it seems to be more of a boring drama about the main girl still not over her father's death several years ago. They seem to focus more on the sub-plots than the "horror" aspect of the film. Now, apparently the new girl is a vampire, but that is not what I got when watching this. In fact, there are only one or two scenes that even suggest vampirism. It seems more that she is a witch, or just reallly, really weird. Now, they never develop this story very well, so by the time this film ended, I was stumped. If she was in fact a vampire, they totally messed up the common mythology of a vampire. It was just a horrible screenplay in general, and the writer didn't really know what she wanted her movie to be, in the end.

However, despite the negativity I just gave this film, there is one good aspect to it. Which would be the acting. The girls are all mostly unknowns, or those "familiar faces," however, they do a fairly good job. Some of the co-stars are dull, and unforgettable, but the main two girls do fantastic. The "vampire girl" is incredible. It saddens me that her acting talent for her role completley goes to waste. She not only acts the part well, but looks and feels the role as well. And the lead girl, Rebecca, does fantastic as the depressed, yet cute girl who tries to solve the whole thing.

Overall, the movie is simply dull. Not a whole lot is happening, and when something does happen, you're too bored with the previous scenes to really care.

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