'The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou' Movie Pictures

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ABOVE: (left) Bill Murray stars as Steve Zissou, an adventurer, filmmaker and oceanographer who sets sail on an emotionally rocky mission to find the jaguar Shark that ate his best friend, in Touchstone Pictures' adventure-comedy "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou," directed by Wes Anderson. (center) Owen Wilson stars as Ned Plimpton, an Air Kentucky co-pilot who may, or may not, be the son of world-famous oceanographer. (right) Cate Blanchett is Jane Winslett-Richardson, a mysteriously pregnant journalist covering an action-packed, high seas expedition. CENTER: (left) Anjelica Huston stars as Eleanor Zissou, oceanographer Steve Zissou's brilliant wife, frequent rescuer and Vice President of the Zissou Society. (center) Jeff Goldblum stars as Alistair Hennessey, the arch-nemesis and well-equipped alter-ego of Zissou. (right) Willem Dafoe stars as Klaus Daimler, the German ship engineer who can do no right. BELOW: (left) Michael Gambon portrays Oseary Drakoulias, a septuagenarian producer of underwater adventure films. (center) Bud Cort is Bill Ubell, the so-called "bond company stooge." (right) Noah Taylor plays Vladimir Wolodarsky, physicist and original score composer for the oceanographic filmmakers known as Team Zissou.