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Starring Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth and William Hurt, The Incredible Hulk kicks off an all-new, explosive and action-packed epic of one of the most popular superheroes of all time. In this new beginning, scientist Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) desperately hunts for a cure to the gamma radiation that poisoned his cells and unleashes the unbridled force of rage within him: The Hulk.
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Comments (50)

  1. LoveMadeEasy-net

    This S A D . So sad of a movie I wept with pity for the terribly dumb monster hulk. And since when did Edward Norton supposed to become a stud instead of a dud that he is?

    5 years agoby @lovemadeeasy-netFlag

  2. hi112

    it was great

    7 years agoby @hi112Flag

  3. zakia

    the movie was really great, 2 all the people who said it was bad go 2 {hell} and suck ur dads balls!!!!! *ssholes

    7 years agoby @zakiaFlag

  4. gads_50


    7 years agoby @gads-50Flag

  5. BlizZzario, Bizniches

    Your a f*cking idiot the hulks color changes by his mood, and like I said, so we can differentiate between the movies and because why the f*ck not, do your research next time douche


    7 years agoby @blizzzardFlag

  6. kratos711

    hay blizzzard. why the f*ck would they make the hulk a different color? dumbass!

    7 years agoby @kratos711Flag

  7. BlizZzario, Bizniches

    This one looks like it has character depth and has a good story, with the first one, I only saw minor snip-its but it wasn't enough to hook me, this ones got it, one thing though is this a reamke or a sequel, fixing thier first mistake, becuase its not listed as a sequel, another thing they could have goon with, (what i would have done) was to have this Hulk be a different color like purple or red, and I would have him wearing the clothes Bruce Banner was wearing not the same CGI'ed pants

    7 years agoby @blizzzardFlag

  8. iheartharrypotter_6

    i love babys
    but the movies still gonna suck

    7 years agoby @iheartharrypotter-6Flag

  9. iheartharrypotter_6

    this movie makes me want to punch a baby
    its gonna suck like the first one

    7 years agoby @iheartharrypotter-6Flag

  10. radicalkiller21

    This hulk is better

    7 years agoby @radicalkiller21Flag

  11. Brett

    awsome i so going to se this moive

    7 years agoby @juggaloFlag

  12. MCGodzilla94

    has potential

    7 years agoby @mcgodzilla94Flag

  13. Bladeforever2030

    looks all exciting but the Hulk is just a big dissapointment... period! whether its the one made recently or this one.Think the tv series were much better.

    7 years agoby @bladeforever2030Flag

  14. JOSE_CTM

    no it cant but it can b much better than the first one.....way better

    7 years agoby @jose-ctmFlag

  15. Jonnred

    It cant be worse than the first one.

    7 years agoby @jonnredFlag

  16. Jonnred

    It cant be worse than the first one.

    7 years agoby @jonnredFlag

  17. sirmetro

    I agree with yu,thxo1138,more could have been done in making the scenes more exciting coz we now have betta software for cgi and equally good artists.The problem is however not with the artists but with the director who doesn't allow the artists to express more.The first hulk almost sucked because of the long,disorderly flashbacks,plus those long episodes of emotional sh*t which wasn't what we want to see in a movie like the Hulk.This one myt be better than the first if they give us more daytime action scenes...

    7 years agoby @sirmetroFlag

  18. Thomas S. Arashikage


    7 years agoby @myownriskFlag

  19. thehulkster

    If you dont like the preview, then dont watch the movie. its that simple. "I want style and brilliant cinematographie, not just perfect cgi." its a damn superhero movie. SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!

    7 years agoby @thehulksterFlag

  20. thehulkster

    How about the babies in here that are already crying about the movie at least wait till it comes out before you go crying to your mommies. Especially you thxo1138. F*cking baby

    7 years agoby @thehulksterFlag

  21. heroic.warrior76

    It's cool to see one of the Incredible Hulk's arch-enemy in the big screen like the Abomination we're he wil go toe to toe with it's like watching Wrestlemania in a mixture of a superhero and a supervillain wrestling.

    7 years agoby @he-michaelFlag

  22. Dark_888

    oh! baby its very cool.

    7 years agoby @dark-888Flag

  23. Brian


    7 years agoby @brianFlag

  24. Structure (ONSTRA)

    But please me if you wont make it like the first hulk movie

    7 years agoby @gaj1992Flag

  25. thxo1138

    And anybody else notice or care that it seems every thing is going to happen when its dark all the time, by choice to make it easy on the cgi ?

    7 years agoby @thxo1138Flag

  26. thxo1138

    Heres an Idea, Have the abomination throw a car at the hulk with a woman and her little girl inside, and have the Hulk save them by catching the car and making shure their ok and maybe the little girl says thank you as she is looking back on her mother running away "no slowmo". Hulk needs to have his own character, not norton succeding in controling "it".

    When he falls are we going to SEE a cool transformation fallowed by a big crash ?

    Sorry but them running toward each other from five bloks away does not do it for me. the camera work looks bland with no style.

    Maybe it would be better: you have the abomination rampaging and enjoying his suppremacy, and have the hulk apearing from a side street nearby turning the corner, they see each other, looks like the Hulk is saying "ok funs over",and then they go for each other.
    Or you have the abo ear a roar, stop what hes doing, we ear the Hulk getting closer and turning the corner the camera zooming on the hulk as he quickly turns his head ect.

    You know something with style that captures your attention and interest.

    7 years agoby @thxo1138Flag

  27. thxo1138

    Looks like its not made by somebody who knows how to do action movies or as no money.
    Looks like the cgi action is poorly choreographed and is not planned but just "insert here" type.
    I want style and brilliant cinematographie, not just perfect cgi.
    Compare iron man caching the car, and the abomination trowing the car.
    You can see the first is done by a talented artist and you go "That was cool"
    The second seems to be done by an amateur with no vision.

    And I dont want fake feelings, like when they try to force it on you with slow motion. That's what they do when they don't know how to make a good film.

    7 years agoby @thxo1138Flag

  28. Slytherin92

    Gay... This HULK Looks More Boring Then The Last One They Made ...

    7 years agoby @slytherin92Flag

  29. Demonic

    Tis is alot better looks like i wont be falling asleep this time

    7 years agoby @demonicFlag

  30. cinemajesty

    Looks like an cinematic event.

    7 years agoby @cinemajestyFlag