'The Hurt Locker' Review By Ramster

It's a Suicide Mission........That's why it's called a Suicide Bomb!
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The movie takes a deep look behind the suit and shows what it feels like when you're putting yourself at risk for defusing a roadside bomb. The movie was good but as far for a female director, Kathryn Bigelow, The movie was kinda cool! :) I mean you don't expect women to know about bombs, do ya? :P But honestly she did her part very well.

Coming to the story, perhaps Mark Boal being a journalist knows better about this so it's his story and it was definitely good considering his experience in Iraq.

Coming to the cast, well the movie in particular mostly focused on Jeremy Renner so the supporting cast wasn't that good but Renner's performance filled the gaps.

Summing it up....This war flick is entirely different. It's common to see US forces on a search mission hunting down terrorists but hurt locker is where soldiers risk their lives in defusing roadside bombs just for the safety of others. If you're looking for something more than just a war drama then this one's just for you!

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