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Sorry, I just want that guy blow up fast and the movie finnishes
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There are no suspense if the character are not a good guy. You cannot say "oh my god! a bomb, I hope it does not explode in the face of this good guy that dont want to be there" because... the guy WANTS to be there. The guy take desnecessary risks all the time.... So, there are no suspense. Slow motion in bullets? Just a break in the rythm. Strange parallel discussions not well explained, bad directed. Sorry academy, I disagree with you... AGAIN... The movie is anti-war??? really does not seem to me... and it put american invaders as heroes.... so... nothing really attracts in this movie.... The initial sequence in slow motion (wow, that was a very good use of the slowmotion) was really amazing, as others production, visual and sound effects. But this does not worthy the movie... Not even a little. Interestingly, this is the only thing interesting in the movie (the special effects) and the "campaign" of the movie was accusing his rival (Avatar) of this.... really ironic. Oh, and Avatar was awesome! And it discuss ecology, humanity idiocy, violence, and in a really entertaining (and very good directed) way.

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  1. Marcio Luz Scheibel

    @punisher Excuses accepted. I would love to see a review of The Hurt Locker by you, to check your points.

    3 years agoby @marcio-luz-scheibelFlag

  2. Marcio Luz Scheibel

    @Worth5Bucks @daveactor7 Well, you guys said nothing, not the points you like in the movie, not "what this movie is really about". Just nothing, not at least a paragraph. The kind of argument of the people disagreeing here was like kids: -you know nothing. -you should not watch movies at all... -you dont know grammar and spelling...... guys, please? I could say the same for you, but there&#180s no sense.

    3 years agoby @marcio-luz-scheibelFlag


    Hey I dont know if you'll ever read this or not but I was just bored going through my comments and found what I wrote. I just wanted to apologize for that. I loved this movie but thats no excuse. I really dont ever remember putting that, man I was an *sshole. Again sorry.

    3 years agoby @cerealkillerFlag

  4. Daveactor7

    @Worth agreed

    4 years agoby @daveactor7Flag

  5. Worth5Bucks

    Im glad you responded to all these comments, my only advice, its fine to have a different opinion than someone else, you just really have to back it up. One paragraphs just not enough to do that.

    4 years agoby @mattbierwagenFlag

  6. Marcio Luz Scheibel

    @Daveactor7 Great icon! PrivateRyan was a really good movie, besides the factor that the climax was at the beginning, not the end of the movie. I really enjoy this movie and got very impressed with the crude war scenes. The D day opening sequence shows a real war.
    Back to your comment, you started with the same explanation "Wise"guy did....
    I love movies. And sorry if my opinion was not the same that you have, but thats good dont you think? Ok, when I saw some really bad movies (not like The Hurt Locker, but REALLY bad ones) I thought that could be better if anybody in world has the same taste as me.
    I NEVER watched movies for the action, your guess was wrong, but I can understand that try - because of this review - where seems that I glorify Avatar and hate TheHurtLocker.
    And AGAIN, the "fundamentals".....I know what Im talking about. I saw many people disagreeing, but nobody even says a point. This movie beats any movie last year??? I guess you didnt even watched &#192GORA just to say ONE example. There is a lot more out there FAR superior. Probably A LOT that I didnt watched too. What this film was supposed to be? You dont know too? please say it. I saw a try to show up that all wars are a mistake, something stupid. But that was the discurse I hear about the movie, not exactly what I saw. And that was not really well made too, its my opinion. There is another movies saying that efficiently, like the Clint Eastwood IWOJIMA movies. Dont you agree?

    4 years agoby @marcio-luz-scheibelFlag

  7. Marcio Luz Scheibel

    @WiseGuy, You should really be Wise to know someone tastes only through one review! Wow! Thats mean that EVERYBODY should agree in ALL movies ever made? if ONE movie someone disagree, thats a crap guy and you know everything about him? Thats a weird point of view....

    @Worth5Bucks and the others, like I said to PUNISHER, im not from an english country... I promess to improve my english, and probably this compromisses my review.

    @The Soylent Green Monkey, There is a lot of other good war movies out there. Have you seen LettersFromIwoJima, just to throw a recent good example?

    4 years agoby @marcio-luz-scheibelFlag

  8. Marcio Luz Scheibel

    @PUNISHER Sorry Punisher. This is my first review in english, and Im not an north-american guy. My country does not use english. Hope you are not that kind of north-american that things they&#180re the only humans in the world, I though that you just toss out your angry against my opposite view of this movie. Please, if you can point out my grammar, I&#180ll probably get better in the next ones. I believe that if you try to write a review in PORTUGUESE, I could point out a lot of errors, but normally I done that in PRIVATE, but thats me.

    4 years agoby @marcio-luz-scheibelFlag

  9. Marcio Luz Scheibel

    @Messenger Just saying that was FAR more inconsistent than my really brief disclaimer about a movie that I consider VERY overrated..... You say... nothing.... Please, contribute consistently, saying points.... I could just say the same form what you know about movies and "the made is done" thingy, but will be very irresponsible from me, dont you think?

    4 years agoby @marcio-luz-scheibelFlag

  10. Marcio Luz Scheibel

    I NEVER look at a movie just for the effects. But I seen almost nothing in HurtLocker beside some good effects scenes. I love any kind of good-made movies, and -if it needs effects, they should be well-done. I love movies that could be realized with almost no effects and be impressive and well-made, like SixthSense and Unbreakable. Im not looking for effects. I just say that its a hard-looking to find somewhere else in TheHurtLockers...
    I agree with Monkey. A movie is more than the effects it uses, which seemed to be the only thing you look for...

    4 years agoby @marcio-luz-scheibelFlag

  11. Daveactor7

    I agree with @Wiseguy leave this website.

    5 years agoby @daveactor7Flag

  12. Daveactor7

    You know nothing about movies watsoever. Please explain why u even watch movies. This movie beats any movie that came out last year and I strongly suspect ur one of those people who watches movies for action. And you dont even know the fundamentals of filmmaking just the basics. Come back and write a review when u have made a film or at least correctly interpreted what a film is supposed to be about.

    5 years agoby @daveactor7Flag

  13. WiseGuy

    And you fail at writing reviews, just get off this site because after reading this not only do you have the worst taste in movies but you know nothing about film. And learn how to spell and use grammar.

    5 years agoby @zgcorleone072Flag

  14. Worth5Bucks

    Alright... Let's just say Hurt Locker sucked, which it didn't... please tell me you wrote this review on an iPod touch not once looking at the screen while being attacked by a dog. Because that, that is the WORST grammar and spelling I have ever seen. Now, let's consider the fact that your review had no information of any real value. You've just created a review that was both incomprehensible and incorrect. Congrats.

    5 years agoby @mattbierwagenFlag

  15. MaterTua Lee-loyer

    I liked the movie (espcially foxx going bang)

    5 years agoby @matertua-lee-loyerFlag

  16. Diaigma

    That was difficult to read.

    5 years agoby @diaigmaFlag


    Are you retarded? Aside from your very odd opinion of this amazing film, your grammar is, well retarded. Im not saying I never mess up with my grammar but this is ridiculous. I hope you're messing with us otherwise just harm yourself. Avatar is amazing I agree, but The Hurt Locker is as well. Wow...dumbass.

    5 years agoby @cerealkillerFlag

  18. Messenger

    You know nothing of film. I honestly mean that. And it's not even that you didn't like movie it's the reasons why you didn't like. Your "review" was sloppy and incoherent. You obviously know nothing of film fundamentals.

    5 years agoby @messengerFlag

  19. ed_wood

    You obviously didn't get anything out of this movie.

    5 years agoby @ed-woodFlag

  20. Rlt9009

    I agree with everybody, this movie was great.

    5 years agoby @rlt9009Flag

  21. Dan

    Hurt Locker was a great movie, far superior to Avatar.

    5 years agoby @dan1Flag

  22. moviegeek

    I agree with Monkey. A movie is more than the effects it uses, which seemed to be the only thing you look for...

    5 years agoby @moviegeekFlag

  23. WiseGuy

    You're an idiot.

    5 years agoby @zgcorleone072Flag

  24. The Soylent Green Monkey

    It's not pro-war, it's not anti-war, it's just war.

    5 years agoby @soylentgreen2Flag

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