'The Hunger Games' Posters

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  1. Marcellusb

    Hunger Games trilogy was the first series of books my 13-yr-old daughter and I read together on our new kindles. I think winning these tickets for her and me is the only way I will have an evening when i won't hear any mention of Bruno Mars!

    3 years agoby @MarcellusbFlag

  2. Lauren Morrison

    Are you ready to read the longest comment thus far? well here it is! i have provided you with a detailed description of EVERYTHING I HAVE BEEN DOING FOR TICKETS!!! i hope that you will see how badly i want this after reading. thanks so much and please let me know if you want proof of anything. i will gladly send you all videos, photos, letters, essays, etc.

    i am literally trying all ways of winning tickets to the hunger games premier! TRUST ME WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO READ IS A LOT! where to start! i have been emailing the Ellen Degeneres Show for 40+ days straight with pictures, drawings, poems, comics, videos, cheers, letters, essays, etc all hunger games related. i am doing this for 79 days straight. yes i know they havent even announced a contest, but i am doing this because i am obsessed with the books! additionally, i bought a hunger games tshirt online, have all three books (read the series in less than a day and a half, then read them again 3 days later), i have applied to every contest in North America to get premier tickets, but due to geographical restrictions am unable to enter over 40 of the 50 contests Lionsgate released. i cry when i watch the trailers, i have an entire wall full of pictures of Peeta, my Facebook status has a 79 day count down till the movie with a quote each day from the book, i have the same thing going on my bbm, my display picture is hunger game related (its of me a picture of a pita that says Peeta, and my cat as Katniss. the caption says, "tough luck Katniss, i got Peeta first," everyday i go search for every update regarding the movie. i signed up for the capitol website, the facebook "the square" fan group, i have gotten 10 of my friends to read the series, my computer backgorund is of peeta and katniss, i know every word to the trailers, and know everything about all three books. I have recently started attempting to email every single person involved in the production of the movie and from the Ellen Show asking for help. I have even started calling from Toronto (one of them being Gary Ross himself). I have created a professional portfolio that has everything i have done to this date. I have the support of several companies hosting Hunger Games Contests in the USA on their facebook pages (Alliance Films, Crushable, NetFix [made me a spotlight on their HG fan page], etc). They all know how dedicated I am and how much i want tickets. My most recent attempt, in the past 2 days has been emailing LA newspapers asking if they would write an article about me and what i am trying to do. my hope is that it will convince someone out there that i am really trying. I was the first person in Guelph, Ontario (where i go to university) to purchase the Hunger Games Official Illustrated Movie Companion! i am basically CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY OBSESSED WITH THIS SERIES AND AM BENDING OVER BACKWARDS DOING EVERYTHING HUMANLY POSSIBLE TO WIN EVEN ONE TICKET TO THE PREMIER! I have posted several hunger games related youtube videos, i am planning on painting my nails too look like flames for the premier, and i cant attend the midnight screening on the 23td of march, because i have a cheerleading competition in florida and wont be able to see it that night which literally kills me inside so this is my ONLY WAY to see it!!!!!!! if you are looking for the worlds most obsessed hunger games fan, I SWEAR THAT YOU SHOULD LOOK NO FURTHER! i am a die hard fan, with insane love for the books. just so you know, i have ficticiously married peeta mellark because he is the hottest most romantic person alive! please please please please please x100000000000000000 help me make my dream come true! i never ask for anything and to me this would be a miracle! as effie trinket says, "may the odds be ever in MY favour" i am the biggest hunger games fan there is! i am having anxiety attacks over this on a daily basis and i am already terrified that i wont get tickets. i swear i would break down if i didnt. I doubt you will receive an application from anyone else who has done nearly as much as i have. i doubt anyone has tried to directly contact the Ellen Show or Gary Ross personally. Or someone who has been at this for 40+ days since they finished the books. I have done all this in 2 months. i am begging you to make my dream come true

    3 years agoby @Lauren-MorrisonFlag