'The Graves' Review By MovieGuy

GARBAGE! would rather have my dick smashed with a hammer, then watch this movie again.
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Okay, so I decided to give another change to the Afterdark movies this weekend. Being a fan of horror movies; I like to watch cheesy horror flicks on the weekends. So I sat down and watch this movie, staring the very beautiful Clare Grant and Jillian Murray. So as the movie starts I realized that Bill Moseley was in it, I was like "awesome" "I like devils rejects, this may not suck at all". The movie is about two sister who go to a old mine town and all hell brakes loose.

So, as the movie reach the 15 mins mark, I realized something; this movie is a piece of sh*t. The acting was f*cking terrible; these girls may be beautiful, but the only thing they made me believe was; they looked like sluts. As for the story I don't think it had one, if it did, it wasn't good. It's horse sh*t! The guy who directed this, should play Russian roulette by himself with six bullets. (Don't really do it)

The visuals isn't anything special, so nothing really to say there. The directing was like if they let Miley Cyrus direct a movie. So to conclude this review I say, save your money or buy a bag of weed with it; Because your going to f*cking need it. File this movie under sh*t.

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