The Divide (2012)

In this graphic and violent, post-apocalyptic thriller, nine strangers-all tenants of a New York high rise apartment-escape a nuclear attack by hiding out in the building's bunker-like basement. Trapped for days underground with no hope for rescue, and only unspeakable horrors awaiting them on the other side of the bunker door, the group begins to descend into madness, each turning on one another with physical and psycho-sexual torment. As supplies dwindle, and tensions flare, and they grow increasingly unhinged by their close quarters and hopelessness, each act against one another becomes more depraved than the next. While everyone in the bunker allows themselves to be overcome by desperation and lose their humanity, one survivor holds onto a thin chance for escape even with no promise of salvation on the outside. More »

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  1. artistically

    The basis for the film was realistic knowing we have something ingrained into us to survive. Thus in saying this the ending of the film shows us we have nothing to look forward to after a nuclear war. But the idea one would still continue after seeing the devastation ahead. One thing is for certain living in the depths of the underground apartment building was a dead end. I did enjoy the the beginning of the character development for it was interesting to watch. However, the nuclear bombs destroying everything in the path was sad. Back to developing characters and the unfolding of what lies beneath human survival. In basic it was more like a sick twisted porno but porn had more class than some of the scenes in the film.
    Now Michael Bain was supposed to have an excellent performance in this film. Yes, he is an excellent actor and I do enjoy watching his films. However, the character he was given to play limited his screen time allowing for other actors to fill in the time. I think he should have had more time on the screen and built a more powerful character. Plus this is probably what the viewer would have wanted given his past performances.
    I understand the theme of the film and the title does relate to what happens in the movie. Although, it's no the 1980's anymore and the cold war is over so why this film?
    I could come up with several reasons but in the end I was left with a sad feeling inside me after watching the movie. Yes, film is supposed to evoke feelings and make us think. This film left me sad and very few films leave me feeling sad.
    I think the message of the film could have been positive and not dark if the plot had been changed. Plus the audience would have had a better experience. I am all for expression do not get me wrong but when a film is dark it is dark.
    I give the movie a 4 out of 10.

    2 years agoby @artisticallyFlag

  2. Haris Aslanidis

    Horrible movie...Twisted

    2 years agoby @Haris-AslanidisFlag