'The Dark Knight' Heath Ledger Talks About Playing the Joker

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Heath Ledger talks about playing The Joker against Christian Bale's Batman, in the Batman Begins sequel, The Dark Knight.
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  1. Lololee

    He did a incredible job as the joker, and Gabi-chan? Johnny Depp would not have done a better job, he would have given the same tired performance he always gives. Heath was great, and by the way...Heath was not high in this video, he's sleep deprived-people! people who are high have dilated eyes, incoherent speech, and the inability to maintain eye contact and basic conversation.

    4 years agoby @lololeeFlag

  2. Gabi-chan

    Ye! He was awesome! But I think Johnny Depp would do a pretty good job as playing our favourite clown. He can't compare to Heath though! He was one of a kind! "Why so serious?" I mean, only he can pull that off!

    5 years agoby @gabi-chanFlag

  3. Angie

    R.I.P heath you did a amazing job you did a good joker and no one can replace u

    6 years agoby @jokersgurl07Flag

  4. JokersChild48

    Thank you Heath Ledger for playing the Joker as he was meant to be played. You did a excellent job,and you will be missed. Let us all just appreciate his work and pay respects. He is gone now, hindsight is 50/50. Nothing can be done to bring him back. He has left us with a wonderful gift.

    7 years agoby @jokerschild48Flag

  5. William A Holla

    man, f*ck u ppl that r saying sh*t like...man can i get some of that sh*t he has, or talking like u know him. did u think mayb he just dont like interviews?? f*cking ricky williams used to keep his football helment on during interviews....f*ckers.....the man is gone and u talk this sh*t......suck a dick u f*gs

    7 years agoby @willturpin323Flag

  6. sedjr91

    R.I.P you did an awesome job my friend

    7 years agoby @sedjr91Flag

  7. krisks2481

    If he was coming down of an 80 he would be ducking out.You don't real come down anyway you usually knock out first and wake up the next day craving. Tattoos don't make you itch that bad but cotyns or boy does. He was feeling "quite nice" and if I might say so he was also looking quite good. And if he was totally straight he wouldn't have concentrated at all on that interview. Anyone who's been down that path knows what I mean. And they said he didn't die from using not that he didnt use at all. Plus I know a junkie when I see one no matter how talented or beautiful they are. Anyway most good artists are or have been some sort of an addict. - stay straight- stay sober- stay in school- ***kisses***KBK***

    7 years agoby @krisks2481Flag

  8. Redhood15

    I agree he WISHED he was high at this point. He actually looks like I do after I pop in an adderall, real fidgety. RIP Brotherman

    7 years agoby @redhood15Flag

  9. frankwhite52

    where can I score some of that sh*t hes on

    7 years agoby @frankwhite52Flag

  10. kevinmcborden

    If you watch Heath in lots of other interviews he moves around a lot. It's just part of his physicallity.

    7 years agoby @kevinmcbordenFlag

  11. shelle

    geez, is heath high?? geez, i have had in the past some experience and i can't f--king tell...could be nervous, could be wantin' a cigarette after 30 interviews, could be scratching that new tat, could have takin an 80 and be waiting for it to kick in, could be coming down. and guess what, folks, we will never know...and i think heath would have liked it that way.

    7 years agoby @shelleFlag

  12. TheEdge76

    I agree with you, webworks. Its kinda hard to watch actually.

    7 years agoby @cwalkenisthemanFlag

  13. Molemanjoop

    looks like he just took a 80 to the FACE to me!!!!!!! Anyone whos down would know !

    7 years agoby @molemanjupeFlag

  14. webworks

    I think most of you are missing th point here, watching this video showed me one thing for sure, Heath was NOT high DURING the interview but he sure WISHED he was....

    I can't fathom how none of you bother to comment that all the moving and scratching he was doing is a clear cry of someone who is "joansing" for his "drug of choice"

    those traits Heath displayed are common traits of someone eager for a "fix" or "score" NOT that of someone who IS under the influence.

    This video was a perfect "Cry for help" but it looks like no one caught it in time.

    7 years agoby @webworksFlag


    yeah hes just truly exhausted. You can tell that. but all the moviing he is doing and scratching is a sign of nervous-ness or exhaust. Not drug use. his eyes would be red he wouldnt be scratching if his arms were moving. He would be speaking differently and have no focus

    7 years agoby @mcleve02Flag

  16. Splatter2010

    yeah, he's totally not high here..... just look at his eyes, he's straight. I agree with Joker..... he was just a lil' anxious and jittery during the interview. Take it from someone who had drug problems in the past.... I can spot someone who's high a mile away. Heath's body language is not indicative of any type of illegal drug effects I know of.

    7 years agoby @mindscapeFlag


    well he was taking prescribed medication. They have found no evidence of illegal drug use. I think is just simply tired and worn out and was taking his medicine and that made him all Jittery

    7 years agoby @mcleve02Flag

  18. Splatter2010

    None of us are perfect.... hell just look at me! We all have our demons, struggles, medicines to take, obstacles to overcome, habits we are slaves to. I think Heath's passing clearly reminds us how fragile our lives really are. RIP

    7 years agoby @mindscapeFlag

  19. raventwisted

    Yup seems pretty high to me

    7 years agoby @raventwistedFlag


    he was not taking any illegal drugs dude. they have aalready said that. and asldrsprncs go see the film. Ledger would have wanted everyone to see the film. if we didnt go see the film it would be like he made that film for nothing. go see his last film. He would want you to

    7 years agoby @mcleve02Flag

  21. cheeseman08

    dang..someone was on drugs when this interview was takin.....

    7 years agoby @cheeseman08Flag

  22. asldrsprncs

    He is definitely very anxious in this. I know how anxiety is, and it is so hard to sit and watch how overwhelmed he was with it. He looks so tired and worn down. Not the usual vibrant-smile and face-lit-up Heath we are used to seeing in the movies and pictures. I have never been a Batman fan, but Chris Nolan and Christian Bale have changed that for me. I love these new movies. They are so much better! I really want to see this one, but then again, I don't. It will be so hard to sit there and watch this movie, knowing it is Heath's last completed film and we will never see anymore from him. I loved him and his movies, and now I will miss him so much. I think he really didn't know how great he was, and now we have truly lost a film icon. R.I.P., sweet Heath - You are greatly loved and missed.

    7 years agoby @asldrsprncsFlag


    well it wasnt just this film. this is the one that wore him out the most but the other film he was filming was getting to him too.. its truy awful he is gone. a terrible nightmare...and i cant wake up. RIP Heath

    7 years agoby @mcleve02Flag

  24. timber123

    your right his anxiety is clear, shame it leaded to this, especially knowing that it was this film tht lead him to having the anxiety after spending one month alone in a hotel room preparing how he would play out the part....Ledger R.I.P you shall be missed x

    7 years agoby @timber123Flag

  25. mheld76

    Wow. You can see the anxiety he has. There's so much fidgeting during the talk. He looks quite worn out too. He even states that the role required an incredible amount of stamina. It's absolutely amazing how most people are blind to those dead give-aways of anxiety disorders. I'm not sure where he got the Ambien and anxiolytic medications from but my guess is from somebody who is not a medical professional. Or a crap one, at that.

    7 years agoby @mheld76Flag

  26. Phatlightning

    haha yea, he was complimenting the new films... and I agree, the first wave of batman movies were terrible, I wanted to throw up when I saw George Clooney as Batman, yuck, bad taste in my mouth.. Batman Begins is what it should be and Nolan has done this series and the fans a huge favor in taking these films under his wing and transforming them.. and to isabella, has it been proven that it was suicide? because i'm pretty sure it hasnt been, lets not make assumptions

    7 years agoby @sxers2k1Flag


    well i actually understand what he was saying there. He is complimenting Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. The first series was just absolutely awful. yes hollywood has the right to alter a few things but not as drastically as they did with the first series. The direction Nolan has taken Batman is the way it should be.

    7 years agoby @mcleve02Flag

  28. isabellalov9108

    we dont always have to have the same movie over and over again, come on people this is 2008 not 1970 or 80's for that matter, if they want to change somethings from the batman movie, then let them change it.

    7 years agoby @isabellalov9108Flag

  29. isabellalov9108

    when i heard that heath died i was shocked beacause i didn't know he would do that to himself, he has sooo many fans and kids that love him, why leave the people that love you most, he will be missed and i think he did an excellent job playling the joker, your wrong this batman movie is way better. R.T.P

    7 years agoby @isabellalov9108Flag

  30. AYLAGA5

    without knowing hows the movie going to be i all ready have an idea about it and i think it would be an excellent movie if not the best batman movie everseen ... it is really a shame that he's no longer with us.. and that he wound't be able to see his sucess when the movie comes out pluss i was waiting for the red carpe... it woundt be the same.. rest in peace heath

    7 years agoby @aylagas55Flag