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Best Comic Book Movie of All-Time!!!!
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After three years of waiting, reading, and chatting the day had finally came; The Dark Knight was released. When news first broke out that Heath Legder would be taking the role of the Joker I was very optamistic on how good this film would be. However as days, turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months more and more hype was being built around how great of a performance Heath was doing. Sadly this great actor was taking from us at such a young age. I knew this movie would generate alot of attention but with Heath's tragic passing, it got more and more attention. This film went from being just another comic book summer blockbuster to a work of art caught film. I awoke friday morning at 4:45 am with only one thing on my mind, the Dark Knight is out today. Working for eight hours seemed like the past three years i've been waiting for this movie to come out. Finally 7:00 came, I walked into the theatre to a sold out crowd all in which everybody had the same excited look upon their face. The Dark Knight had everything any movie lover dreams of, great camera angles, perfect flowing story, memorable one-liners, fabulous acting. Those two and a half hours felt like time stood still, and once it was all over you were caught saying to yourself, " I want more! give me a third one." This is movie should be nominated for Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Director, and most importantly Best Actor. Every time the Joker came on I kept saying to myself, " I can't believe thats Heath, how did he every do that voice and laugh?" This movie wasn't just about Heath, everybody had a huge role and got the perfect amount of time on screen. I recomend seeing this film atleast twice. The Joker says, "Let's put a smile on that face!" that's exactly what you get when you leave this movie.

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