'The Dark Knight' Movie Pictures

Photo #45
AARON ECKHART stars as Harvey Dent

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  1. Jay.A.Ottley


    3 years agoby @jayaottleyFlag

  2. EDvolvED

    "Look at that! You have approximately five seconds until I honk your nose and pull your underwear over your head!"

    7 years agoby @edvolvedFlag

  3. DuDisNow

    "Heads I win, tales you lose."

    7 years agoby @dudisnowFlag

  4. 2_FACE

    finally a shot of him with his coin SWEET!

    7 years agoby @2-faceFlag

  5. El Barto

    best pic yet... coin flip!!

    7 years agoby @marcelilloFlag