The Big Valley (2011)

A feature adaptation of ABC's '60s TV series The Big Valley. Sarandon would play the role of Victoria Barkley, the character played by Barbara Stanwyck in the original. In the Western series, which ran on ABC from 1965-69, Stanwyck played the matriarch of a ranching family in the 1870s San Joaquin Valley. More »

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  1. Van Price

    please do not scare the memory of this show,it will fail,the original show was at the right time,and it was not a porn show, miss stanwyck,and her tv family had acting skills to make that a great show, recreating vintage iconic television,can not be done leave it alone,it will only result in modern day sex covering up bad acting,save your production money,please do not attempt...............

    1 year agoby @Van-PriceFlag