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  • Owen Gleiberman Entertainment Weekly (Top Critic)
    Nearly everything in The Big Lebowski is a put-on, and all that leaves you with is the Coens' bizarrely over-deliberate, almost Teutonic form of rib nudging.
    Full Review » 17 years ago
  • Janet Maslin New York Times (Top Critic)
    This plot need not be taken too seriously. Watching it amble along is enough of a treat, since the Coens populate this story with oddballs and bowling balls of such comic variety.
    Full Review » 15 years ago
  • USA Today (Top Critic)
    Full Review » 15 years ago
  • Roger Ebert Chicago Sun-Times (Top Critic)
    It's weirdly engaging, like its hero.
    Full Review » 15 years ago
  • Jonathan Rosenbaum Chicago Reader (Top Critic)
    The Dude and Sobchak begin as caricatures too, but they're allowed to grow into something deeper, if only because the humanist economy of the Coens' surrealist vaudeville allows for a couple of human beings within the tapestry of freaks.
    Full Review » 15 years ago
  • Susan Stark Detroit News (Top Critic)
    Full Review » 15 years ago
  • Andrew Sarris New York Observer (Top Critic)
    The result is a lot of laughs and a feeling of awe toward the craftsmanship involved. I doubt that there'll be anything else like it the rest of this year.
    Full Review » 8 years ago
  • Todd McCarthy Variety (Top Critic)
    Adds up to considerably less than the sum of its often scintillating parts.
    Full Review » 7 years ago
  • Rick Groen Globe and Mail (Top Critic)
    A typical Coen brothers film is like no film you've ever seen.
    Full Review » 12 years ago
  • Andrew O'Hehir Salon.com (Top Critic)
    A genial spoof about life on the unhinged margins of L.A. that's a lot more carefully constructed than it pretends to be.
    Full Review » 15 years ago
  • James Berardinelli ReelViews (Top Critic)
    The Big Lebowski is a mess. But what a glorious, wonderfully-entertaining mess it is.
    Full Review » 15 years ago
  • Kenneth Turan Los Angeles Times (Top Critic)
    As tempting as it is to completely dismiss The Big Lebowski, it's hard to do because the Coens are able to create wickedly funny eccentrics and possess the ability to energize certain actors to inhabit them completely.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Betty Jo Tucker ReelTalk Movie Reviews
    Enormously entertaining!
    Full Review » 3 years ago
  • David Nusair Reel Film Reviews
    ...yet another in a long line of promising yet disappointing comedies from Joel and Ethan Coen...
    Full Review » 3 years ago
  • R. L. Shaffer IGN DVD
    One of the funniest, coolest, most absurd cult films ever made, and one of the best from the dynamic duo - Joel and Ethan Coen.
    Full Review » 3 years ago
  • Walter Chaw Film Freak Central
    It's essential.
    Full Review » 4 years ago
  • Peter Canavese Groucho Reviews
    It's the whole proud, embarrassing sociopolitical, cultural heap of American history-and the American Century in particular-in two fleet, funny hours. [Blu-ray]
    Full Review » 4 years ago
  • Sean Axmaker MSN.com
    The Coens concoct an absurdist Chandler-esque mystery, drop in a couple hilarious dream fantasies, and even bring in a drawling Sam Elliot to narrate this tall tale like a western myth.
    Full Review » 4 years ago
  • Cole Smithey ColeSmithey.com
    [VIDEO] You'd never guess that the movie is loosely based on Raymond Chandler's detective novel "The Big Sleep."
    Full Review » 4 years ago
  • Wesley Lovell Cinema Sight
    I'm not a fan of the Coen Brothers, but this is an entertaining enough diversion.
    Full Review » 4 years ago
  • Heather Boerner Common Sense Media
    A wild ride for adults only.
    Full Review » 4 years ago
  • Rob Nelson City Pages, Minneapolis/St. Paul
    To what do we owe the pleasure of the Coen Brothers' new joie de vivre and love for their fellow man?
    Full Review » 6 years ago
  • Film4
    Stylish and wickedly funny black comedy illuminated by a great performance from Jeff Bridges, and loaded with all the Coen brothers' trademark wit and flair.
    Full Review » 7 years ago
  • Beth Accomando KPBS.org
    As with Raising Arizona, The Big Lebowski gives us a protagonist whose dopey innocence seems to be his only protection from the real world.
    Full Review » 7 years ago
  • Ken Fox TV Guide's Movie Guide
    If it's all supposed to be in fun, why does it feel so much like an insult?
    Full Review » 7 years ago
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