'The Amazing Spider-Man' Review By Sreekiran

This reboot is not amazing, but good.
  • Story
  • Acting
  • Directing
  • Visuals
Grade: B+

The best thing about this movie is the technotronics. As long as in the suit no problem, but what about outside it, Andrew Garfield ( the social network) slap stick acting who struggles to say words and even he does one has to be very keen on what does he say. This is really bad and it goes on for nearly half of the movie. Marc Webb(500 days of summer) does know to create romantic setups and humor as he has done it before. This movie focusses on a emotional past and he fails to give right stuff to make Garfield emote to that.

Everything we know about the first half of the movie Peter parker a small kid going college finds an advert in a news paper and he starts searching for clues and this leads him to get bitten by genetic spider. He meets Dr. Kurt Connors who has worked with his father on cross species examination. The trailers gives a real picture of what is to come next. James vanderbilt's writing was retelling the things we know already.

Martin sheen had a good role and nice dialog too. I would have been happy if he had said it directly instead of recorded voice. Sally field was ok as aunt. Rhys ifans was just getting his pants tight but later on CGI took his role. Emma stone was great and she was lot better than spidey guy. There should have been spider girl.

Slowly paced, adapted with smart visual techniques and lots of slap stick acting with retelling points from the first movie. Not amazing but good.

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