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Excitement , Adventure , Action , Comedy just the few things that describe one of the best animated movies i have ever seen in my entire life. TinTin is a movie to be cherished as its incredible and so much fun to watch , Spielberg you have done it again
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Ah Yes The Adventures of TinTin what a character. Most people are unfamiliar with the classic Sleuth. As its mostly famous overseas rather than in america. Well finally American Audiences are going to be exposed to what is one of the best movies of the year. Wow i knew this movie was going to be good and all but i honestly had no idea it was going to be this incredible. Steven Spielberg you can tell all the effort that has been put into this movie over 30 years in the planning process. It feels like such a classic movie the story is just amazing. The casting on this films part was perfect Jamie Bell steps into the spotlight as the title character TinTin while Simon Pegg & Nick Frost lend there voices to probably the most hilarious characters in the whole movie there such a hoot when there on screen Thomson & Thompson. Daniel Craig steps into a villain role for once like the complete opposite of his James Bond character if this was a James Bond movie this guy would be the Villain. Then fresh of his non-speaking part in Rise of the Planet of the Apes Andy Serkis as the Drunk Captain Haddock who never is sober and when he is , well you should probably just get him drunk again. Directed by non-other than Steven Spielberg this movie was gold before it even begin. I must say though Spielberg has done once again what he has always done , brought one of the best movies of the year.

Story: 5/5 - For starters this is one of the best stories in a film , in well years , its original , its fun and exciting how can you not watch this movie and be entertained. TinTin (Bell) is a young reporter who everyone knows along with his trusty sidekick his so ever faithful companion his Dog Snowy. Together they bring down the bad guys in there city. When coming across a very antique ship the Unicorn at a street shop he can't help but buy it , this then leads to questions un-answered. Where the very susp*cious Red Rackham. Who seems very interested in a ship TinTin just bought well after a few hours away from Home TinTin's house was ransacked and ship is gone. This leads to more question before TInTin gets kidnapped and thrown on a ship. Where TinTin meets the very heavily drunk Captain Archbold Haddock who really has no memory of anything or that his ship has been taken over. TinTin enlists in the help of Haddock hoping he can be the key to finding one of the greatest treasures of the world the secret the lies within the unicorn a ship that sank years ago. But in order to find it he will need to get to before Rackham does or before its to late.

Story: 5/5 - Like i said how could you not love this story , it pretty much has everything its so exciting and i just die for movies when there is such a good race against evil type of plot line it brings me back to when i was a kid growing up watching movies like this. This is one not to be missed of course. Cause as most movies go you will never find a story as wholesome as this , during the Holiday season. Acting - 5/5 - though much acting was not 'required' here because this movie was stop motion and image capture Robert Zemickis attempted this with Christmas Carol & Mars Needs Mom which would eventually lead to the demise of Image Movers Digital. Spielberg and company have finnaly i feel mastered the motion capture technology. But fine performances turned in from the Lead Jamie Bell who was casted perfectly he was the TINTIN best fit for the role and another comedic performance turned in from Andy Serkis along with Simon Pegg & Nick Frost. Directing: 5/5 - By this point you should understand how i feel about this movie and the direction was no different. Steven brings something so rich , so old , so genuine, and turns into something so great , and that is not an easy thing to do. But just be aware while your watching this movie to enjoy every second that has been put into this movie , the effort and it shows and i'm glad to have seen it on the big screen in 3D no less.

Overall: Excitement , Adventure , Action , Comedy just the few things that describe one of the best animated movies i have ever seen in my entire life. TinTin is a movie to be cherished as its incredible and so much fun to watch , Spielberg you have done it again. The movie should speak for itself , i mean it s not rocket science people. Don't ya know a good movie when you see one. For the holiday season you should treat your family to TInTin its ten times smarter than most kids movies that come out during this time of the year don't waste your money on animals that can sing , but a movie that not only your kids will love , but the adults will enjoy and cherish to. I'm pretty sure i don't need to sell anyone on this movie other than the fact , its incredible and its a shame your not going to see it. All my friends said to me this movie looked stupid and dumb and i stuck by this movie knowing exactly what it was going to be. I was excited about this movie from day one. And finally after the years of waiting i know the fans and i appreciate this movie. The Adventures of Tintin. Well for lack of better words .. you need to see this movie right now.





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