'Terri' Synopsis

Sensitive, overweight and awkward, Terri is painfully aware that his circumstances put him irredeemably outside the inner circle of high school life. Resigned to his outsider status, Terri is surprised when his tough-talking high school vice principal, Mr. Fitzgerald, takes an interest in him. Under Mr. Fitzgerald's tutelage, Terri befriends a pair of fellow misfits, Chad an edgy loner whose rebellion masks his own insecurities, and Heather, a sexually precocious girl whose beauty proves to be a trap of its own. The three teenagers, so different on the surface, but all outcasts in the rigid high school hierarchy, find an unexpected, imperfect bond that reflects the tenuousness, of the adolescent experience.

Comments (1)

  1. Moviefan1031

    A unique spin on the classic coming-of-age film that keeps you interested throughout the movie. The acting is great, and the cinematography is incredible as well. A must see for Summer 2011!

    3 years agoby @moviefan1031Flag