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If tomorrow is my last day on this planet, if tomorrow the world is blown to bits, if there is no tomorrow, I will be very much pleased because I just saw one of the greatest movies of all time. I must admit when i heard that there was a Terminator 4 in the works my stomach ached in all kinds of agony. Then it just started to get worse and worse, from having the guy who did Charlie Angels take over this and the most hurtful thing which was having it PG-13. I actually went into this movie so hyped up, where I knew I wouldn't be pleased so that i can think nothing but bad things about this movie, but even still, all of those expectations were just blown away. This movie is fantastic.

As much as I loved this film, I'm still not a Mcg believer. Christian Bale and Sam Worthington, whom both i believe really put more into this film than the director, were both phenomenal in this movie. The made you care about the characters. Of course it's not the best Terminator. The first and second will always be magnificent, and it's way better than the third, but still there's no way you can be a Terminator fan and not give this movie a thumbs up. What makes this movie even more mind blowing is that it gives Terminator 3 some importance. I believe if there was no third terminator film, and they did this after T2, I know I would not have these same great feelings about this film as i do now. Also, for those of you worried about the PG-13 rating like I was, don't worry. You'll watch this and it won't even cross your mind. Now there were two tiny problems I had with this movie, which were the frivolous tossing of memorable Terminator lines. I know they were used in all three but in this they just didn't have anything behind them. Oh yeah and this just proves that you can't do a remake to Total Recall, which I'm hearing is being done. When Bale said the line 'I'll be back', people in the theater were sucking there tongues, laughing, and saying 'oh please'. If those lines are first said by Arnold, who can get away with saying anything, then your f*cked. Secondly, the Arnold-faced robot looked like a f*cking video game face. It was terrible. The good thing was that it didn't stay on long, so don't worry.

Finally, we have a modern day style post apocalyptic movie that doesn't rip off any of the old favorites like Mad Max and others, which two movies are known for doing, which are Resident Evil 3, that rip off Mad Max and Doomsday, that rip off every Mad Max movie, plus Escape from New York. Terminator Salvation has it's own style. After this, I plan on seeing more movies that are inspired by this to make more of these modern post apocalyptic.

Warning-Warning-Warning: This is a smart robot movie. I repeat: This is a smart robot movie. Terminator Salvation's action scenes are all wrapped up into this trilogy plot. It has purpose. Now, if you don't like smart robot movies, and instead you dumbass sh*t with pointless action with dumb robots, then this is not the movie for you. You know what. Just save your money and wait for Transformers 2 Revenge of the Sh*tty, which has no real plot, and in the action scenes with the robots you can't tell who's who. Heed my Warning. The Future is Now.

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  1. Warhawk613

    Theres two things from this movie I didn't like. 115 minutes seemed short it could of been longer and it could of been rated R. Good Review

    5 years agoby @warhawk613Flag

  2. VFXmini

    WHAT!! It was crap! First off, why would someone follow this John Conner, all he does is scream a lot and act all moody. Not the John Conner we all expected. Secondly, as Skynet doesn't have a central building, why are all the prisoners and T-800s been held in one place, I guess Skynet isn't as smart as it should be. The so called war film never appeared, Arnie CGI was terrible and as for the title music. The main thing that bugged me was that in the previous films, the terminator was an killer that didn't play around with it's prey, but here and T-800 just throws Conner around a bit. Terrible film, even T3 was better. Bad plot, good acting from Sam Worthington tho.

    5 years agoby @vfxminiFlag

  3. WiseGuy

    Sorry man but this movie was f*cking horrible. I didn't like anything about it. But good review though.

    6 years agoby @zgcorleone072Flag

  4. slysnide

    5 STARS!!! RU F-ing kidding me???? U criticize me for rating T3 with its better story at 4, criticize me for liking The Wire, and you rate this at 5??? No wonder you can't make a good argument! RU sure you're not a preteen??? I mean, R ya really sure with all the pathetic insults???

    6 years agoby @slysnideFlag

  5. Newkill3000

    Thanx, i hope you love it.

    6 years agoby @newkill200Flag

  6. Marcus-07

    Ok,I'll definetly see this movie in cinema. Critics are devided...Some say that the movie is awsome,some say that it's ok but nothing special, some are dissapointed....Aaaarght! I can't listen to this crap anymore! I want to se this film already! After I watch this, then I can talk...Until that moment comes I will not read any review any more......but nice review,Newkill. I hope I'll think something similar when I get out of cinema.

    6 years agoby @marcus-07Flag

  7. 313td

    Good review.

    6 years agoby @313tdFlag

  8. Newkill3000

    Bullsh*t. You couldn't have seen this. The giant harvester robot was necessary. Transformers isn't. I bet you couldn't give me a review of over 50 words explaining the bad things in this movie, because first of all the effects were magnificent, unlike Wolverine, which you probably find a masterpiece.

    6 years agoby @newkill200Flag

  9. K-Man

    Look man, nobody wanted this movie to be good more than me! Thats the truth! Terminator 1 is in my top 15 of all time and Terminator 2 is probably tied for 3rd in my all time favorites, but I am not going to sit back, in complete denial, and tell myself that I liked Terminator Salvation just because it has the title attached to it! and you know why, because it IS "a dumb robot movie" as you say.
    As for you mentioning Transformers, one doesn't.....or at least shouldn't go into Transformers expecting a story with any substance (although I wouldn't be surprised with audiences now-a-days). Instead one goes in expecting just a mediocre story with beautiful eye-candy and amazing action scenes. Period! Terminator on the other hand was always anything but a stupid Robot movie.....until now. Besides, this movie couldn't WANT to be more like Transformers if it tried! The giant HARVESTER-bot (give me a f*ckin break, it's practically Megatron's twin brother)
    Oh I saw this movie man, and I wish I hadn't.

    6 years agoby @k-manFlag

  10. Newkill3000

    Well, Kman, obviously your the one who enjoys dumb robot movies, which is why your attacking this. So many people were expecting this to fail, so that Transformers will rule. But its okay. Truthfully, i doubt you even saw this. The effects were no where near cheesy.

    6 years agoby @newkill200Flag

  11. K-Man

    Agree to disagree, but I think you are freakin crazy! Worst sequel since Indiana Jones 4 & Indiana Jones 4 was the worst sequel since.......forever! Catch my drift?
    I am not attacking you personally I am attacking McG! But this movie was horrible on so many levels I hardly know where to start. McG is a complete and utter hack! The story was unbelievably lame, completely one dimensional in comparison to it's 1st and 2nd predecessors! For everyone giving this movie positive reviews (which is shocking but to each his own), If you think that a few explosions and over the top/cheesy as hell special effects with zero character development and a rushed, choppy and lame story makes for a great movie, then I guess it is a testament as to how short current generations of film lover's attention spans have become! Perhaps you are just too young to remember the days when movies actually needed a story for people to be entertained! THIS MOVIE IS SHIIIIITTTT!!!!

    6 years agoby @k-manFlag

  12. Rlt9009

    Good review. I really want to see this.

    6 years agoby @rlt9009Flag