'Taken 2' Review By RyanMoran

taken 2 was one of the best action movies of this year
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i liked taken 2 was really good i like what they did liam neeson was amazing

lots of action i see nothing wrong with this movie at all

seems like they will making another one tho maggie grace was hot in the bikini tho like so hot it was just a great movie

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  1. RyanMoran

    You don't need to comment on my post tho and personally people hate on too many movies so don't f*ckin see it them

    2 years agoby @RyanMoranMitaFlag

  2. The Cryptkeeper: Resurrected

    Hahaha I thought this movie was good, yes (but not 5 stars), however I agree with @redcameraman

    2 years agoby @cryptFlag


    @corey womp womp! haha

    2 years agoby @mcleve02Flag

  4. T. King (Red Camera Man)

    This isn't a review.

    2 years agoby @redcameramanFlag

  5. Corey W.

    This movie was dogsh*t.

    2 years agoby @coreyFlag