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  • Owen Gleiberman Entertainment Weekly (Top Critic)
    It's really a one-joke movie, but the joke is a good one: Frank's ''crusade'' is just a geek's screw-loose revenge, which Wilson, digging into the character's misery, makes oddly sympathetic.
    Full Review » 4 years ago
  • Stephen Holden New York Times (Top Critic)
    "Super" rides on the carefully bent performances of its stars.
    Full Review » 4 years ago
  • Peter Bradshaw Guardian [UK] (Top Critic)
    As black comedy, it works reasonably well some of the time, with plenty of black but not much comedy.
    Full Review » 4 years ago
  • Michael O'Sullivan Washington Post (Top Critic)
    Most of the time it isn't clear whether Gunn is critiquing violence or celebrating it.
    Full Review » 4 years ago
  • Ty Burr Boston Globe (Top Critic)
    Of all the entries in the average-schmo-tries-to-be-a-superhero genre - and that would certainly include last year's "Kick-Ass'' - "Super'' succeeds the best by putting its audience in the most uncomfortable position.
    Full Review » 4 years ago
  • Karina Longworth Village Voice (Top Critic)
    Conceptually similar to last spring's bullied-teen-dons-tights-to-fight flick Kick-Ass, Super distinguishes itself with a deliberate tonal unevenness that's unsettling and annoying.
    Full Review » 4 years ago
  • Elizabeth Weitzman New York Daily News (Top Critic)
    "Super" starts off feeling like a cult comedy you might catch during a midnight film festival. But since Gunn never nails his tone, the concept makes more sense than the execution.
    Full Review » 4 years ago
  • James Rocchi MSN Movies (Top Critic)
    If Gunn had a sense of how to shape a scene, or how to shoot a scene attractively, then his film would just be dull. As it is, it's criminally inept.
    Full Review » 4 years ago
  • Logan Hill New York Magazine (Top Critic)
    For all its indie posturing, Super feels as callow as any other big studio flick to court Comic Con: A B-movie splatter flick dressed up as a critique, dressed up as a black comedy, dressed up as a spoof, and capped with an ironic epilogue.
    Full Review » 4 years ago
  • Anthony Lane New Yorker (Top Critic)
    The spectacle soon wearies and repels.
    Full Review » 4 years ago
  • Roger Ebert Chicago Sun-Times (Top Critic)
    Super plunges into nihilistic despair in its third act. This isn't a black comedy because it isn't a comedy. It's a trick played on our expectations, I concede, but to what end?
    Full Review » 4 years ago
  • Michael Phillips Chicago Tribune (Top Critic)
    Wilson does amusingly steely work, while Page goes bonkers, giving her gleeful nut job one of the more memorable horselaughs in recent American film history.
    Full Review » 4 years ago
  • Andrea Gronvall Chicago Reader (Top Critic)
    This movie is too pedestrian for camp, and too scattershot for an action comedy.
    Full Review » 4 years ago
  • Steven Rea Philadelphia Inquirer (Top Critic)
    Could be endearing, if Wilson's performance weren't so nihilistically dull, and if there were somebody in the picture who had a soul.
    Full Review » 4 years ago
  • Tom Long Detroit News (Top Critic)
    Super just doesn't fly.
    Full Review » 4 years ago
  • Rob Nelson Variety (Top Critic)
    Waiting for Super to deliver the funny is an experience as long as the film itself.
    Full Review » 4 years ago
  • Lou Lumenick New York Post (Top Critic)
    A lot less funny than it sounds.
    Full Review » 4 years ago
  • Roger Moore Orlando Sentinel (Top Critic)
    The graphic violence spatters along for an hour and a half until we reach that point when writer-director James Gunn says, "That's all I've got" and basically gives up.
    Full Review » 4 years ago
  • Eric D. Snider Film.com (Top Critic)
    A superhero needs a mission. Super needs a point.
    Full Review » 4 years ago
  • Andrew O'Hehir Salon.com (Top Critic)
    I think "Super" is occasionally brilliant, sometimes awful and terribly confusing overall; this movie reminds me of an old Irish joke about the ancient and terrifying housekeeper who asks the young priest whether he enjoyed his egg.
    Full Review » 4 years ago
  • Nathan Heller Slate (Top Critic)
    As a movie, Super is unfocused and bafflingly inconsistent. It is also the most genuinely surprising new release I've seen in a long time.
    Full Review » 4 years ago
  • Michael Rechtshaffen Hollywood Reporter (Top Critic)
    A giddily over-the-top, super-entertaining goof on the Everyman crimefighter flick written and directed with evident relish by James Gunn.
    Full Review » 5 years ago
  • Christy Lemire Associated Press (Top Critic)
    It may sound like Super is trying too hard to shock, trying too hard to be edgy or weird. But it has such a low-budget charm, it's pretty hard to resist. Besides, if you don't, you risk incurring the wrath of The Crimson Bolt. And you don't want that.
    Full Review » 4 years ago
  • Richard Roeper Richard Roeper.com (Top Critic)
    "Super" strikes a wildly uneven tone lurching between occasionally funny dark comedy, heavy-handed religious satire and some pretty hardcore violence.
    Full Review » 4 years ago
  • Robert Abele Los Angeles Times (Top Critic)
    "Super" flings around its dingy shocks with little feel for context, wit or filmmaking skill.
    Full Review » 4 years ago
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