'Snow White and the Huntsman' Review By TheFury

Snow White and The Return of the King Inside The Twin Towers
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Last time I checked, the Grimm Brothers were not creating literary works with the influence of The Lord of the Ring series. In the end, this is all this film will be known for, as a wannabe Lord of the Ring. Charlize and the Dwarfs were the saving graces of this film. Kristen Stewart still hasn't proven her acting skills and Liam Hemsworth is just forgettable. Pacing was the biggest challenge against this movie. When Charlize wasn't chewing her scenes, the story wasn't going anywhere but through the fog and scary trees, trying to push the gothic style down your throat. Then in 3rd act, the dwarfs save the movie. From then on, the movie gets a lot better. If you haven't seen this, just wait for the Dvd.

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