Skulduggery Pleasant (2013)

Set in contemporary Dublin, Skulduggery Pleasant is about a wise-cracking skeleton detective and his young female accomplish, who together try to stop the return of the evil Faceless Ones. More »

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  1. Vicky Jacobs

    If they make a film of skullduggery i hope it wont be a disaster like darren shan vmapires assistant was, i loveSkullduggery, its amazing, they simply can not butcher it, so yay for derek, i do hope he can do as brillient a script as his books ^^; and i hope they choose the right actors for each part too

    1 month agoby @Vicky-JacobsFlag

  2. Gryffindorrox

    Love this series! I have information, though, that Derek was not impressed with the WB script, so the deeds are now back with him, and that he refuses to let anyone make a movie unless he is the script writer. And I don't know if Johnny Depp will be Skul-man because there are too many different sources for me to determine the truth.

    7 months agoby @gryffindorroxFlag

  3. Esther Coleman

    whoo! i can't wait till this come out.

    1 year agoby @Esther-ColemanFlag

  4. Ibrahim Khurram

    I luv skulldugggery pleasant, but do u hv a confirmation of the release date, if u do, pls tell me the evidence because there hv been alot of mishaps in the past about th emovie

    1 year agoby @Ibrahim-KhurramFlag

  5. Itchi-Bambosa

    The books are great reads for the kids. They're going to love this movie :)

    2 years agoby @itchibambosaFlag