Side Effects (2013)

A provocative thriller about Emily and Martin (Rooney Mara and Channing Tatum), a successful New York couple whose world unravels when a new drug prescribed by Emily's psychiatrist (Jude Law) – intended to treat anxiety – has unexpected side effects. More »

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  1. Nicholaus XX

    @thedude-abides -- Well, that's too bad. Yeah, whatever the case, let me know.

    1 year agoby @XxNickTheFilmCriticXxFlag

  2. thedude-abides

    @XxNickTheFilmCriticXx I was planning on seeing the new Coen Bros. flick, but I guess it got pushed back. I may find myself pulling a Soderbergh and change my mind if I find the time; if not, I won't be counting down the days 'till it comes out on redbox, lol.

    1 year agoby @thedude-abidesFlag

  3. Nicholaus XX

    @thedude-abides -- If you're extremely bored, and somehow find the time, it wouldn't be a terrible idea to give this a watch. I just don't think I could hold off the conversation for that long, lol.

    1 year agoby @XxNickTheFilmCriticXxFlag

  4. thedude-abides

    @XxNickTheFilmCriticXx That's the feeling I get too. I'll probably hold off and redbox it.

    1 year agoby @thedude-abidesFlag

  5. Nicholaus XX

    @bawnian-dexeus -- Looking forward to it.

    1 year agoby @XxNickTheFilmCriticXxFlag