'Sex and the City 2' Review By meeeeeeeeeee12

Two of my favorite things, Sex and the City.
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It's That time of time again where we review the best and worst of 2011. This is the baddest thing since the honey badger. Randall does a very good job of personifying that little critter which makes the video very worthy of a view. Now, we are going to review the movie SEX AND THE CITY dos. In a little town called bethlehem there was a little boy name Jesus Christ, he always dreamed of having sex in a city so he created sarah jessica parker and new york. Sarah was an accident though, he meant to make a horse. in the movie they eat Churros and party with sadaam hussein. He tells one of the women they're beautiful and gives her a carrot stick. Shortly after, sadaam is condemned and killed by the Ramapaging elephant we call republican america. (george bush)

~*FuN F@ct~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

In 1769, there was a young lad named Jefferson Franklin, He starred in the TV show "Horton Hears a Who" and has been nominated 1,435 time for a Tony Dungy. He has never recieved one.

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