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Health Insurance Agents, BEWARE!!!
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Yes, finally, Saw VI has come to theaters. These things come out every year, but I tell you, between Saw V and this, it felt too long. I guess it's because I'm such a die hard fan. By now, the only people who watch these movies are the die hard fans, or people that feel obligated to watch these movies to see how they end, or just the ones that just love to talk down on it. It's funny how the Saw franchise is so bashed by so many critics and movie watchers. Talking down to the Saw movies, calling them mindless torture porn movies, are done by all the ones who dislike them and it's so easy for them to do it that it's like taking candy from a baby. They don't realize what they're doing is not accurately critiquing these films. They say it's just about nothing but torturing people, and I hear that same old bullsh*t from everyone who dislikes this franchise. If you really watch these movies, you should see some sense of a captivating storyline involved, and if you don't,well I just don't know what else to tell you, except your opinion no longer applies. Most of the Saw haters are full of sh*t anyway, by talking down to this franchise they don't realize that they have there own movies that there ashamed of letting people know that they like. And whether you like it or not 10 years from now these will be considered cult classics.

Anyway, Saw VI is the best Saw movie I've seen this year and the third best horror movie of 2009, behind Drag Me to Hell and The Collector. This movie kept me on the edge of my seat. I'd say that this is the most complex Saw movie ever, even more than part 4, which I thought couldn't get even more complex than that. Kevin Greutert, the editor of all the previous Saw movies, takes up his directorial debut with this, and he does a fantastic job. He understands how to tell a story, to get it moving forward and everything. I hope he goes for another round on the seventh installment.

Saw VI starts right up where Saw V left off. Detective Hoffman seems to be in the clear after taking care of an formidable foe, however, his steps are being traced and history, bad blood, is right on his trail. There wasn't that many flashbacks in this Saw movie. The main victims of this movie are insurance agents, lawyers, lol, even f*cking janitors who work in a insurance building. The movie is split into two parts, one is Hoffman continuing to cover his tracks, and the second is John Kramer's, aka Jigsaw, attack on insurance companies that take advantage of their clients. They way the insurance plot is used in this movie is very fascinating, making this a great B movie to watch. Well, and finally, many questions get answered in this movie, but those answers lead to more questions and mystery. I can't wait for Saw VII. I hear that it's going to be in 3D and I just hope that there more focused on the story than they are with the 3D. Please don't f*ck up this franchise.

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