Resident Evil 6 (2014)

The final chapter of the long running film series. More »

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  1. Gary Newsome

    no i want them to go on i love these movies

    1 month agoby @Gary-NewsomeFlag

  2. Shah Blushi

    i love this movie ... and waiting for new part Amazing work

    2 months agoby @Shah-BlushiFlag

  3. Reba Medlin Queen

    Look Chad,Cody Queen and Wendi Woods the last Resident evil movie comes out in September of next year

    4 months agoby @Reba-Medlin-QueenFlag

  4. Sorenmason

    Breath taking storylines were posted at I found it very interesting and powerful. Hope the fans will enjoy the movie more if these things were implemented for the movie.

    7 months agoby @sorenmasonFlag

  5. Sorenmason

    I had visited a page on facebook (Resident Evil 6:Afterbirth/Armageddon) that has a very awesome storyline for the RE 6. The part 1 is already posted and the part 2 will be released before the month of July ends, according to it. The storyline is amazing. I hope Paul W.S. Anderson read this and implement some of it. Please visit the page. It's sublime.

    9 months agoby @sorenmasonFlag