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  1. coolnblue

    i haven't seen this and probably wont,it's looks rediculous and bill has made some bold or should i say dumb statements about God and those that believe in the one that continues to let him breathe only by mercy. Bill is like someone i think that wants an excuse to do anything he wants to...we all know what i mean,we've all felt this way. like i said,haven't seen this movie or mockery i'll say..but you can't compare muslims and christians,they don't have the same God and if you want true christian religion revealed ,read the bible (and believe in john 3:16 that still stands) ,that was given to you,many of you at birth, the biggest selling book in history,the holy bible is said to be one of the first or the first printed on a printing press out of the millions we have in librarys today,biggest selling book in the world ,your world! sounds like a great deal of power behind that bill!Who would have thought that this would happen?,not non believers like bill. There are facts,too many to post that the bible is not a book of fables,look um up,even something noah's ark that can't be ignored ,of course you can't argue with ignorance,it never agrees.
    don't waste your money on this crack smoking sketch of a movie with no spirit or brains.

    7 years agoby @coolnblueFlag

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