'Raising Helen' Movie Pictures

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ABOVE: (Left) New mom Kate Hudson stars as Helen Harris, who is entrusted with the care of her two nieces and nephew, in Touchstone Pictures'/Beacon Pictures' romantic comedy, "Raising Helen." (Center Left) John Corbett plays Pastor Dan, a new love interest in Helen's life - and the principal of the kids' new school. (Center Right) Joan Cusack stars as Jenny, Helen's more responsible older sister. (Right) Helen Mirren plays Dominique, Helen's high-fashion boss. BELOW: (Left) Hayden Panettiere is 15-year-old Audrey. (Center Left) Spencer Breslin is 10-year-old Henry. (Center Right) Abigail Breslin is 5-year-old Sarah. (Right) Hector Elizondo is Helen's new boss, used car dealer Mickey Massey.