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As I stared to the screen watching this movie, I was amazed by the action. yet the story was still not as impressive as Casino Royal.
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The James bond series amazed our eyes many times and gave us the ability to look at the detective that took the eyes of everyone by his action. After the amazing masterpiece, Casino royal, that made it impossible for anyone to forget Bond, made it impossible for all the fans to wait 2 years till it's sequel comes out. daniel craig got definitely better with the character of the amazing 007 and made you stare at the screen like never before to watch the action that will blow your mind out - al least it did blow mine - i also would like to talk about the caparison between this and its precedore. I really think that casino royal was still better than this sequel but still this one excessed casino royal in some points. I will talk about all of those points that are really intresting since this is the second performance for daniel as Bond, which will mean that it will be important for everyone to know if this held the better preformance for daniel or his first preformance in the mind blowing movie that stole the theaters in 2006, Casino Royal.

As I will start talking about this movie as a great masterpiece, I will tell you that the screen was easily not big enough to show the whole picture in many times. I looked at the screen and many times I saw some action that made me want to scream in the theater: ZOOM OUT... ZOOM OUT. yet of course I didn't. i was really looking forward to this one since like forever. In fact I heard of the making of Quantum When i was going out of the theater when Casino royal ended, so i couldn't be sure If I was pleased that casino royal was good, or really sad that i will be waiting 2 more years till this one comes out. anyways i am pretty sure that everyone knows the story which was not that changeable at the end of the movie like many others. for example there are many movies that change at the end of the movie and gives you a picture of the movie that wasn't shown in the trailer like the movie "click". This one didn't it was mostly the same story in the trailer with some changeable things than didn't really matter that much.

As i wanna start talking about the story, I can tell you that bond is back in a story that was really good. the scenario was good too, yet had less curses than I expected, but gave itself the words that could be easily put in a PG-13 movie. I was really amazed for the fact that the story got itself a better, bigger point. by which i mean that this time it wont be a small organization that sells drugs and sh*t. It is pretty big, and you can notice that by the fact that the movie takes you throughout many countries throughout europe. Bond goes in an adventure that is really cool and has action in every 10 minutes in it. Bond is still looking for revenge from the killer of his last girlfriend in Casino Royal. As he actually finds the guy, he finds with it that there is a very very big organization that seems to be unknown to the people and was so handled secretly that none of the CIA's FBI's or whatever The organization that Bond is in - Sorry for the fact but the name didn't seem to get to my head while i was writing the review- and of course is the time for bond to get in the mission to save the world again and avenge himself for his girl thaat died in the last movie. As daniel gets himself stuck in this situation under the name of James Bond, he seems to get the hold of this charachter. he actually did a very very good job bringing the chanacter to life in this movie. he actually gets hold of the character even more than the previous movie. well it would be easy to do it again after he saw himself as bond in the first one. this thing always happen with movies that have sequels, the actor always get better and in this one, it seems to prove this theory even more and more. i actually liked him as bond and he made me feel like he got better with the character and is making me hope for more and more in the next bond movie if there will be any of them. good job daniel.

As he gets in the mission trying to find the guy and the organization, he meets a girl that suddenly, for no reason, and for no kind of any reasonable theory, or anything like that tells him to get into her car. suddenly, she seems to be one of the people who helped the organization in a way or another. her name was Camille and She was played by Olga Kurylenko - I think I spelled it wrong - which seems to know what her job is. BOND GIRL. obviously. she is one of the hottest bond girls that lived and i am pretty sure of that. when everyone was in the theater and saw her of course there was lots of those annoying voices made by those douches that likes to go into the theater only to make out. but at the end, she was pretty hot and you can't say no, I am pretty sure that if you read this review, in fact if you are living on this planet earth and know that i am talking about the girl that was in the cover, you will definitely, know how hot she is. I think that she kinda broke the record because she had easily the best lips ever made. her eyes were really cool especially when she looks at the camera, because obviously, if you were sitting in the theater, you will be in a position that will make her look at you.

another character I really would like to look at is M. she is supposed to be one of the strongest women living on earth in the bond world and she kinda is. especially that Judi Dench kinda knows how to put her character in act. she made the character work like you never have seen it before.

As i talked through the story and everything, I made you see the actors and the story at the same time. I still wanna talk about the fact that the story of casino royal was deffinitely better than this one, for many reasons. but still this was one of the best bond moveis I've seen in a while. I really wanna talk about the visuals too. as the visuals of the movie gets tied with those of casino royal, you can see the fact that the use of the airplanes was not put in the previous movie, yet used in an amazing was throughout this one. also we see people jumping in and out of buildings which gave it amazing effects that you can look at. At the end it really had amazing effects that can blow your mind off.

As my review gets to it's end, i see that James bond had made it again in a movie so blowing, so amazing, and so touchy - lol- that you will never get to say no to. It had really good visuals and the story was okk, but the acting was surely better than the acting in the casino royal movie, but the difference is slightly noticed. well cya soon for reviews of many other movies. and I am still going to be here to review the next bond movie i am waiting for right now.

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    I like the review and the key points that you added. Also that you add your own personal perspective. Personally, I don't feel that it was too long. Keep up the great work!!

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